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Big Brother Season 18 Episode 24: Double Eviction Night

It was Double Eviction Night last night in the Big Brother house and Julie Chen revealed it to the houseguest at the top of the show. But first, our Michigander Michelle was fighting to stay in this game and Zakiyah was also trying to stay as well. However for one of them it was the end of the road. Then with the second eviction looming saw another houseguest get evicted as well. Here’s my recap from last night’s episode!

Exposing Paulie’s Game

After the POV ceremony, Michelle went to work in trying to save herself in this game. Her main target was to expose how Paulie has been controlling this game by having everyone else do his bidding and getting those ruining his game get evicted. This came to no surprise to Paul, his PP alliance member as he’s has suspicions of Paulie’s lack of trust — especially when it came to deciding to evict Zakiyah over Michelle. Paulie continued to hammer Michelle is after them and Paul confessed in his DR that Paulie never scratched his back and he’s continued to scratch his, which wasn’t “friendship,” in Paul’s eyes. When it came time for eviction, America’s Care Package winner this week James, decided to use his power to cancel Paul and Corey’s votes. Then by a vote of 3-2, Zakiyah Everette the 24 year-old Preschool Teacher from Charlotte, NC was evicted from the Big Brother house. As she exited the Big Brother house, she greeted Julie Chen with her Big Brother Airlines ticket which then was revealed to America and the houseguests as one way ticket, officially ending her game and now will make the decision along with Da’Vonne on who win’s the game next month.

High Pressure Victories

It took only two questions for one of the houseguests to win this very crucial HOH during this double eviction night. The competition was about numbers and they houseguests had to answer questions about statistics of the Big Brother game. Paulie and Bridgette were the first two houseguests eliminated. The second question only one person answered correctly and that one person was Corey, who became the HOH for this live double eviction episode. Immediately following a commercial break Corey nominates Bridgette and Michelle for eviction.

During the commercial breaks was when all the action was happening. But it was clear who the target was for Corey as he consulted his “Executives,” alliance as well as informed his showmance Nicole. During the POV competition, it brought back a familiar double eviction POV comp where the houseguests had to find items in a ball pit, with the first houseguest to find all the items then retrieve the final item would win the POV. Again in a high-pressure situation Corey came up with another victory, securing his dominance of this double eviction episode. Corey then decided not to use the POV and nominations stayed the same. By a vote of 5-1, Bridgette Dunning the 24-year-old Traveling Nurse living in Ventura, CA was sent packing. Again another emotional moment from Michelle as she was shocked by this blindside because after two great speeches on the block and outfit changes really thought she was heading out the door. Then as Bridgette greeted Julie Chen, it was revealed her Big Brother Airlines Ticket was also a “one way ticket,” officially ending her chances of going back into the game and sending her to the jury house.

My Ranking Of The Houseguests

  1. Paulie – His game got exposed, but it looks like his ally came in and save his game as well as his safety.
  2. Corey – Being a loyal person to both Paulie and Nicole shows he’s just being used to further their game then his own. However winning two competitions back to back and during a double eviction shows he’s a force to be reckoned with.
  3. James – Even though he tried to help flip the house, it backfired. Yet he did use his care package from America wisely. But with fewer showmances and targets, he’ll have to continue to work his social game or start winning competitions to ensure his safety.
  4. Victor – He can thank Paulie and Corey for not getting targeted during this double eviction. Looks like Da’Vonne’s warning didn’t come true after all.
  5. Paul – Friendship is still what’s keeping his game going but he needs to stop talking for a bit and just listen to the other houseguests. Maybe just maybe he could move up in my rankings and be contender at winning this game.
  6. Nicole – Getting called out by a fellow Michigander as a “snake,” is never good but her game play is lacking confidence as well as wins. Here’s hoping she’ll start to realize the boys are running her game just like her first season.
  7. Natalie – The final spy girl in the house and the sole vote against Michelle. Looks like her showmance with James might be taking a dive.
  8. Michelle – She exposed Paulie’s game but it wasn’t enough to get him evicted during a double eviction. Then being nominated during the double eviction doesn’t help either. Luckily this Michigander gets to fight another day and now she’ll have to decide on an even better outfit to wear for another eviction ceremony or possibly finale night.

My Prediction For HOH, Nominations & America’s Care Package

If Nicole, Natalie or Michelle doesn’t win this next HOH then you can expect any combination of these ladies to be put on the block. The all male alliance, “The Executives,” is running this game. However in fighting seems to be happening and lack of trust. So if Paulie doesn’t win HOH this alliance could be finished before it took off. I predict however Victor will win the next HOH to ensure his safety but also show his dominance at winning competitions. His targets I believe would be James and Natalie because they are liked by America and have already one America’s Care Packages so any upcoming twists wouldn’t help them out.

As for this upcoming week’s “Super Safety,” America’s Care Package, I’m voting for Michelle to receive this power! Let’s hope our Michigander receives it so she cannot be nominated or be a potential backdoor nomination. She will however have to endure wearing a ridiculous “Super Safety,” costume but with safety for the week, it’ll be worth it. Tune in on Sunday at 8pm on CBS Detroit to see what all went down 24 hours before last night’s live double eviction episode, then see what was going on during the commercial breaks, who wins this upcoming week’s HOH, who they nominate for eviction and finally who will receive America’s Care Package!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.


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