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Any time Julie Chen interviews an evicted houseguest that was controlling the game will always say they got too comfortable and didn’t see their own demise. Well seems as if the tides are turning for one houseguest and I’m not talking about our Michigander Michelle. Paulie has been running the game for a while now and they tables are turning on him. But first, a lot happened the 24 hours before Zakiyah was evicted from the Big Brother house. We finally saw what exactly went down. Here’s my recap on last night’s episode!

Natalie Gets Real

As the eviction ceremony was looming, Natalie wanted to have a conversation with Zakiyah about Paulie. Natalie revealed to Zakiyah that he had said some things to her that made her uncomfortable. Also Paulie said some things about Zakiyah and James to Natalie in a way that crossed the line. With this information, Zakiyah confronted Paulie about the situation and he went on the attack, going after Natalie for say these things to Zakiyah. Which Paulie had felt he had mended and Natalie was trying to just stir the pot. Natalie then also told James about what Paulie had told her, which didn’t make James happy either. Putting Paulie on the defense and trying to put out a fire that Natalie had been holding on to. Now if the tables were turned the narrative would have been different. But it was clear to the other houseguests that Paulie was becoming a ticking time bomb and would be a target if he didn’t win the next HOH.

Benny’s HOH Game

After Corey won the Double Eviction HOH, he was ineligible to compete but he was able to keep Paulie safe during it and send Bridgette to jury with Zakiyah. It looks as though PP alliance was over and there was a definitive line draw between the houseguests leaving Paul and Victor in the middle. On one side were Corey, Nicole and Paulie then on the other side was James, Michelle & Natalie. Before the competition, Paul and Victor had a conversation that it was clear they were in the middle. Who ever won they’d be safe as both sides would go after the other. For this HOH competition it was “Hollywood Squirrels,” where Benny the Squirrel who had made appearances at every competition this summer was the focus for the competition. Questions would be asked about different Benny outfits and the houseguests would have to correctly answer with the right one. Winning the competition it was down to Paul and Victor. Not wanting to get “blood on his hands,” Paul decided to let Victor win this HOH and Victor did correctly answer the final question to win HOH. Again the houseguests seem to have forgot that a few weeks ago he was evicted and now dominating this game.

Super Safety Care Package

Now that Victor was HOH, it was time for Paul’s plan to come to fruition. He told Victor that he needed to put Paulie and Corey up for eviction. Because Paulie is a ticking time bomb and Corey has been showing how much of a competitive beast he can be. Paul’s reasoning is to go after them before they have the chance to do the same. However it was important for Paulie not to be in on the plan. Meanwhile America’s Care Package came crashing down on Natalie. Unfortunately the package wasn’t for her since she received the first one and it went to our Michigander Nicole. Receiving scrunchies, insect repellent but most importantly the Super Safety Pass. This would give Nicole safety for the week from being a Have Not but also not being nominated for eviction. However the downside to this was she had to wear the Super Safety outfit, which was decked out with a cone head, reflective vest and caution lights. When it came time for the nomination ceremony, Victor went with the plan of putting up Paulie and Corey. I was disappointed he didn’t give a compelling speech to the two guys and not giving some drama or a reaction during the ceremony. But in a DR confessional, Paulie was emotional in being put up against his “best friend” since day one of the game Corey and feeling confident he’ll win the POV, which would then mean Corey, would be going home.

Prediction For POV

This will be a very interesting POV with the three guys, Corey, Paulie and Victor. Corey and Paulie having already won previous POVs in total five between the two of them, Victor has his work cut out. The draw for the other houseguests has this going against Paulie. If Nicole is chosen she’ll use the POV on Corey and Paulie looks to have nobody, but maybe he’ll rekindle his PP alliance with Paul. In the end I predict, Paulie winning the POV and using it to save himself. ZingBot makes his annual visit to the Big Brother house for the POV competition with a special announcement. I predict his announcement has to do with the elections, but that’s just my guess. Tune in on Wednesday at 8pm on CBS Detroit to see who wins the POV and if it will be used to either save Corey or Paulie.

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.


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