DETROIT (WWJ) — Two metro Detroit children have been infected with E. coli., authorities said Friday.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services says the cause is unpasteurized milk. The separate cases have been reported in Oakland and Wayne counties.

Officials are now reminding residents of the potential risks associated with consuming raw milk.

Symptoms include stomach cramps and vomiting. Most people get better within one week, but serious complications can develop.

Share programs exist where members own part of a cow and in return receive raw milk. These programs are not inspected or regulated and are not available in stores.

“The public should be aware that raw milk and other unpasteurized dairy products have not been heat treated and, therefore, pose a potentially serious risk to human health,” said Dr. Eden Wells, chief medical executive for MDHHS.

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  1. wolverine70 says:

    There’s no good reason to consume raw milk. Don’t be dumb and put your kids at risk.

  2. pearls-before-swine says:

    The kids were friends. The one kid never even drank the milk. Both kids ate Taco Bell as did the father of one of the boys. All three got sick, but be sure to demonize the raw milk. Over 1000 people drink that milk and not one other case so far now almost 3 weeks later. Excellent reporting.

  3. DEJOS says:

    It is sad that you waste Journalist time to create audio to publicize unfounded propaganda without the simplest journalistic engagement. To simply paraphrase a press release without any research or even questions back to the source is not journalism. Did you bother to ask if the Michigan Department of Health had tested the milk, or found pathogens? Did you ask if they had investigated any other foods consumed at the meal shared by both cases? Did you do enough research to realize that most E coli infections are spread by contaminated produce these days? Isn’t it tough to maintain a facade of being an “all news station” when you don’t really apply journalism, but simple editing and production?

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