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It was a battle of endurance as the houseguests were trying to hold on as they were competing against the five-jury members for power of HOH for the upcoming week. For one jury member they could become HOH and back in the game. As for the other four they’d return back to jury and their shot of winning the half million-dollar prize was finished. Plus the final America’s Care Package was delivered to the houseguests giving one the power of the “BB Bribe,” which could influence the game. But first here’s my recap of last night’s episode.

A Loch Mess HOH

As Thursday’s episode was coming to a close we were left with the five-jury members battling against, Paul, Corey, Nicole and James for power. Meanwhile Natalie and Michelle were watching on the sidelines to see who would win HOH for the following week. The first to drop were two of the jury members, which were Da’Vonne and Zakiyah. Next to drop were Corey and then Bridgette. With Bridgette out it was down to Paulie and Victor coming back into the game. Natalie was hoping for Bridgette to come back as she was Spy Girl with her and another ally. But after almost a hour Paulie could hold on any longer and Victor was awarded a third opportunity at the $500k prize and title of Big Brother, which is a first for any houseguest in one season.

The night continued and Victor couldn’t hold on any longer leaving Paul, Nicole and James for HOH. Unsure of where his fate was Paul continued to hold on as long as he could. It was discovered that hours before eviction, he had blew up his own game but in the process revealed that Natalie wanted Corey out of the house over Victor, which lead to some suspicions from Nicole on whether or not she could trust Natalie and James. Seems like the alliances formed this season do not last long as the showmances teaming up for final four would be over before it finished. Once Paul fell, Nicole started trying to make a deal with James in winning HOH to get a letter from home. While James just wanted to be the “wall comp” champ for the fourth time in a row. Through much sympathy for Nicole and feeling as though he could trust her, gave the HOH victory to Nicole saying he’s doing it for Nicole’s mom. Giving our Michigander Nicole her second HOH for the season!

Corey’s Early Christmas Gift

With the impending America’s Care Package looming, unsure about nominations, Nicole tells Corey about her deals she had made with James. Ensuring his and Natalie’s safety for the week, even though hours before hearing they wanted to evict Corey. Paul having started to create a friendship with Nicole assured her that if either he or Victor wins the power, would go with whatever she would want. The moment arrived and all the houseguests gathered outside in the backyard awaiting the package. It was revealed that the last America’s Care Package would go to Corey. Inside were a jock strap, sunglasses, candy canes and the “BB Bribe,” that said with this power could impact the game by offering $5,000 to any houseguests to do what they request in the game. As Victor put it, Corey was like a mafia boss, throwing out money to do his bidding. So if anyone were to go back on the bribe would also lose the money and nobody could just lie about what they did. The bribe however doesn’t need to be public and so this week the power really was with Nicole and Corey.

Nicole Targets Michelle

Knowing that Corey had the “BB Bribe,” Nicole had a very easy decision in deciding whom she wants to target. Nicole is targeting the other Michigander and super fan in the house Michelle as she’s been targeting her. The other nominee was the tough one because she could either go with the obvious choice of Victor or possibly put up Natalie whom she is not as trusting of. If Nicole were to put up Natalie, she would be going against her deal with James. Plus after a few days of having Paul becoming buddies it was looking like forming another final four deal with him and Victor with Corey and herself would be good for Nicole’s game. It did however put herself in the middle of trying to please everyone. But if Nicole’s main target and our other Michigander Michelle is evicted then she wouldn’t have to worry about what side she’s on until next week. With nominations Nicole put up Michelle and Paul for eviction.

My Prediction For POV

I predict that Corey’s “BB Bride,” may be put to use either in throwing the POV or to using/not using the POV depending on the winner. However the only other opportunity for it to be used with would be during the live vote. As for the POV I predict that our Michigander Michelle will pull a victory and still give us a possible shot at a final two with only Michigan people and an all female final two since season 13. This is all wishful thinking and we’ll have to see what happens on Wednesday. So tune in at 8pm on CBS Detroit to see if the POV will be used on either nominee and if the BB Bribe will also be in use.

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.


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