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Baby news was announced from Big Brother alums of season 11 & 13 Jeff Schroeder & Jordan Lloyd. But first, James and Natalie were up for eviction with only one of them surviving. Plus, our Michigander “Big Meech,” Michelle enters the jury house. Also there has been a schedule change for the rest of the season due to Thursday Night Football on CBS. Here’s my recap of last night’s episode!

Trouble In Paradise

With Corey deciding not to use the POV on either James or Natalie, one of them would for sure be leaving this week. Being on the block with each other has caused a strain on their relationship. James and Natalie have been fighting more, which the other houseguests have noticed. For the “final four,” alliance of Victor, Paul, Corey and Nicole; they were trying to figure out who to evict. The target now looking to be Natalie, both sides of the house tried to get James on their good side in the event he wins the upcoming HOH competition. By a unanimous vote of 3-0 Natalie Negrotti the 26-year-old Event Coordinator from Franklin Park, NJ was the latest houseguests evicted from the Big Brother house. She left happy and her post eviction interview with Julie Chen was insightful. When discussing the situation about “throwing James under the bus,” Natalie clarifies that she was trying to give a subtle hint to Victor to put up Corey or Nicole. However, to Julie Chen and many of the viewers as well as the rest of the houseguests in the house they assumed she was throwing James under the bus. Natalie was all smiles and is even looking forward to going to the jury house now!

Michelle In The Jury House

Speaking of jury house, it seems as though Zakiyah and Paulie have made amends and are on speaking terms. For Da’Vonne and Bridgette they were left out in the cold now that Zakiyah went back to being cool with Paulie. As the jury discussed who would be the next jury member to arrive, they even discussed how three duos have made it so far in the game and that Michelle was the odd one out. Like clockwork, or great editing our Michigander Michelle enters the jury house and is definitely feeling bitter about her exit. She even calls out our other Michigander Nicole for being the main factor in her eviction and then shows the video to the jury members of how the week went. Da’Vonne is surprised at how well Nicole is doing in the game and how she’s controlling the house. Paulie’s glad is that Corey is safe and the all the jury members were shocked at how blind Michelle was to her eviction.

Jeff & Jordan’s Announcement & Predictions

The big announcement from Jeff & Jordan was that they’re expecting a baby boy. They don’t have a name they both agree on, but Jordan brought up that if the baby was a girl they would have named her Sailor. The pair also caught us up on their year in how in January they took a trip to Mexico then found out she was pregnant then in March went to the courthouse to get married and from yesterday’s episode Jordan has six weeks left. Julie even asked the pair their thoughts on the duos in the house. They both were surprised that three made it to the final six and each have a different prediction on who will win the game. Jordan predicts Victor will win while Jeff predicts Paul. So the “Sitting Ducks,” alliance have fans from Jeff and Jordan.

My Ranking Of The Houseguests

  1. Victor – Winning HOH, securing a final four deal and breaking up a duo up shows the only way to get rid of Victor is to defeat him in a competition.
  2. Paul – He got Natalie out of the house, was safe from eviction and still has “friendship” with a lot of the houseguests remaining.
  3. Nicole – She may have been safe this week, however our Michigander Nicole is the last female standing and she has still yet to be nominated. Is she trying to tie the record with her season’s winner?
  4. Corey – Surprised he won the POV that quickly but it’s looking like Corey is starting to play the game. But is it a little too late?
  5. James – Taking responsibility didn’t seem to pay off as his partner left the game instead of him. Now that his showmance is gone will we see games start winning competitions?

My Prediction for HOH & Nominations

I still think James has a good shot of winning the HOH competition. James is not however an athletic person, which this being an endurance that also requires speed, an athlete would be more suited to win this competition. I’m predicting Corey winning the HOH due to his long legs and his ability to maneuver through the buttery surface. The object of the HOH competition is to transport butter from one side to the other in a container that needs to be filled up to eight gallons. There’s also a smaller container, which if they choose to go for unlocks a bigger container to use to transport the butter. As the show concluded it appeared as though Nicole and Corey were doing well, while James was taking a slow and steady approach. So if Corey is HOH, I predict he nominates Paul and Victor who will actually be the targets but then to cover his bases, Corey will say he’s going to backdoor James. But tune in on Sunday at 8pm on CBS Detroit to see who wins HOH and who gets put up for eviction. Then Tuesday this week there will be an eviction happening after seeing the events of who wins POV and whether it is used to save either nominee. Then Wednesday is another eviction, which leads us into our final three houseguests, in time for the live finale on Wednesday, September 23!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.

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    September 23 is a Friday.

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