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After evicting Natalie, two duos remained, NiCorey and the Sitting ducks, leaving James a lone wolf. With Victor as the outgoing HOH, it was three of the “final four” alliance against James for HOH. Knowing the finals are in sight, one duo decided to make a possible game changing move. Plus, we see actually see Corey in this episode. But first, here’s my recap of last night’s episode.

The Final Four Alliance Still In Tact?

Prior to the live eviction, the Final Four alliance was still intact. However, for our Michigander Nicole and her showmance duo partner Corey, they were already think of their next game plan. Looking to HOH, Nicole was thinking about going against Victor and Paul by putting them on the block for eviction if she were to win HOH. Meanwhile the Sitting Ducks duo, felt as though they were still safe and that it was three against one for HOH, leaving James the odd one out. For Nicole and Corey, they knew both guys were competition beasts. Also they see having James as an advantage going into the final three. To pull this off the would need to win the HOH competition.

A Buttery Finish to HOH

At the end of Thursday’s episode, the houseguests were in the midst of the HOH competition, where they had to transport butter from one side of the other into an 8-gallon container to grab a kernel to win. There was also a smaller container they could fill and once they’ve filled that container they’d have the ability to use a bigger scooper to transport the butter. To make things more challenging for the houseguests the floor was covered in butter and they had to maneuver themselves through it. Paul and James were struggling to find their footing because they were slipping going towards the containers and back to the container full of butter. For Corey and Nicole, they seemed to have found a groove and increased their lead. Paul made up some ground by sliding on his bum across the floor and James decided to crawl which slowed his pace from the others. In the end it was down to Corey and Nicole, where our Michigander first filled up her smaller container to retrieve a bigger scooper to hold butter across. But Corey stuck with the 8-gallon container to fill up giving him a slight lead on Nicole to win HOH.

Corey’s Big Decision

Having won HOH, Corey secured himself and Nicole into the final four. Also thinking they were secure were Victor and Paul. They knew though that one of them would have to be a pawn on the block with James to make sure he gets evicted. This week we were treated to seeing Corey’s HOH room reveal and his letter from Kelly. Corey even got a pillowcase with his dog on it. For weeks, Corey has been in the shadows of each episode and sometimes not featured at all. Now being in power again but this team a little longer than his last stint, he’s been given some air time. With great power comes with big responsibility and making sure his as well as Nicole’s plan to put up Victor and Paul up for eviction, they waited for James to come up to the HOH room to chat. When he finally came up to chat with them, Paul grew suspicious of James, but Victor was feeling confident that their alliance was solid. Unfortunately, it shocked both Victor and Paul when the nomination ceremony happened and both their faces appeared. Ironic that Corey mentioned in his speech about “sitting ducks,” because little does he know that’s what Victor and Paul call themselves as a duo. Paul was not surprised but was not going to go without a fight. While Victor felt as though he’s been betrayed by the people he trusted. If only Victor remembers that this is a game and loyalty is only as far as it can be used. For Corey and Nicole that loyalty was up for both of them.

Predictions for POV & Eviction

The POV competition brings back another Big Brother classic competition that has appeared in the more recent years. It features the houseguests as comic book super heroes. Since this is a mental competition, I believe it will come down to either Nicole or Victor as this is all about attention to detail. As Victor won a similar competition to this in the Battle Back, I predict he’ll come out with a win and ensuring his safety into the final four. Which means James would be the most likely replacement nominee. It would be more dramatic however to see Nicole be put up during the surprise eviction that will happen a day after the POV ceremony. If nominations stay the same it will be a 2-0 vote to evict Victor. If the nominations change Paul will be the target and will be evicted by a tie breaker vote from Corey. Tune in on Tuesday at 8pm to find out who wins the POV, if it’s used on either nominee and who will be evicted from the Big Brother house. There are only five episodes left for this season, fortunately the Friday after the finale begins season 19 of Big Brother Over The Top on CBS All Access. If you haven’t already subscribed do so before the season premiere!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.

  1. cozy2 says:

    well…what is your prediction if it is true, Vic was evicted this morning, and that Paul won the HOH,uh oh…does he put up both nic and corey, or just one and James, hoping james or himself wins the veto? omg…its going to be a great show and couple of nights…its about time nicole goes on the block she has been ‘hiding under the covers’ with her boy corey all summer long..

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