WATERFORD (WWJ) – It looks like Diggy’s digs are for keeps.

Dan Tillery and Diggy (Credit: Detroit Dog Rescue)

Dan Tillery and Diggy (Credit: Detroit Dog Rescue)

Waterford Township has thrown out an ordinance violation that would have forced smiling Diggy the dog from the home of his owner Dan Tillery. Tillery had verification from two vets that Diggy is an American bulldog.

David Rudolph of the Detroit Dog Rescue, which found Diggy his home, says he never had a doubt.

“Ultimately it should be the vet professionals who should make that determination; what classification, what breed Diggy is, and in fact, the vet or vets in Waterford equally came to that conclusion,” said Rudolph.

He says at Detroit Dog Rescue they had always known that Diggy was an American Bulldog, “but also we had our own vet, an independent vet who works with DDR that confirmed it.”

Tillery was ordered to remove the dog several months ago after a picture of the smiling dog and owner went viral on Facebook.

On Tuesday, Tillery took to social media saying, “Thanks to everyone involved. We get to keep our boy. He’s a good boy. #Diggydidit.”

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  1. I’m so happy to hear this! Take care of diggy and he’ll take care of you! <3

  2. Jennifer Ellis says:

    Yea! I am so happy to read this .Whoo Hoo! Give Diggy lots of lovins’ and treats.

  3. Maria Gilmore says:

    More Power to the FAMILY!!! I am soooo!!!! Glad:) Now it is time to spoil Diggy. Or maybe he already is by the looks of it. Which is a VY GOOD THING!!!! LOL!!!!! GOD BLESS

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