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Last night’s episode of Big Brother was emotionally packed to say the least. With the final four going to the final three and the jury house filling up, the winner will be crowed in one week. But first, with Paul as the incoming HOH the sole power of this week lies with the POV winner or at least the person not up for eviction. For Corey, James and Nicole their ticket to final three would be sealed by either winning POV and/or not being evicted by the end of the episode. Plus, with Natalie and Victor evicted they join a very divided jury house, which caused some drama with their arrival. Here’s my recap of last night’s episode!

Zero to Hero, or vice versa

With tears of joy, Paul was ecstatic to be this week’s HOH and also guaranteeing his place into the final three. Meanwhile, Corey and Nicole were feeling the pressure as they knew with nominations pending they’d be targets for this week. For James, having a conversation before the surprise eviction with Paul and Victor to team up to work together, hopes he’d be safe from nominations. But the nominations are merely a formality for this week as the POV may decide the overall factor of who casts the sole vote and will determine the final three. In the end, Paul nominates Corey and Nicole up for eviction with them knowing they’re the target because of their duo status plus breaking the two up before final three to give him a chance for finale.

A Mad Jury House

With Natalie’s exit from the game last week, it was time to check in on the jury house and apparently it was divided. Zakiyah was on speaking terms with Paulie while Da’Vonne and Bridgette were not. While our Michigander Michelle was counting the days until finale but the hopes of seeing her fellow Michigander and whom she calls the “snake” this season Nicole into the jury house. Natalie surprised the jury in her arrival, as nobody expected to see her enter the Jury house. While playing the playback of the week she was evicted, Da’Vonne continues to be impressed by Nicole’s game play even saying that she might be handing her the check in the end. Natalie brings up the fact that she would have used the POV on James to show her loyalty, an off handed remark from Da’Vonne about using the POV for loyalty caused a blow up between her and Paulie. Which words were then lashed out between the two and Paulie even bringing up Da’Vonne’s daughter by saying the way Da’Vonne was acting wasn’t a great example for her daughter, which only made matters escalate further. The production team even had to step in and chaos was ensued. Then during Victor’s arrival, it seemed as though things settled down by both parties not speaking to one another and Victor showing the clips of his eviction. The jury still has unanswered questions even with the additions of Natalie and Victor, but in one week they’ll be crowning the winner!

Batter up for POV

After the emotionally filled Jury house footage, it was time to catch up with the houseguests back in the house. The POV competition took place where it was a baseball themed and another Big Brother competition classic. It was the “Coconuts,” “Pelicans,” “Pranksters,” and “Reindeers,” all competed against one another for the all-powerful POV. The houseguests were given questions about events that had happened during the Big Brother house, they had to answer by what day it happened by running around the baseball field. Each base had a corresponding number amount, 1st base 1 day, 2nd base 2, 3rd base 3 and home plate with 4 days. The houseguests could also hit the other button on the base with zero to skip the amount. But the houseguests had to run the field to answer the question then when they think they have the correct date they’d have to hit the buzzer with the empire to check. If they were in correct they’d have to start all over. The last person remaining without being struck out three times would win the POV. For James, the “Pranksters,” were not prepared and were the first team to be eliminated. Next it was the “Coconuts,” who fell short eliminating Nicole, leaving Paul’s “Pelicans” and Corey’s “Reindeers” to run the bases. Paul had a significant lead with no outs against Corey’s two. However, after two questions, Corey evened the playing field by getting Paul struck out. In the end the final question was what sealed the deal giving the victory to Paul. Which gave Paul all the power to decide who would be the sole vote, guaranteed a spot in the final three and then have them choose who the third person will be. Paul decided not to use the POV, giving James the ultimate decision and evicting Corey Brooks the 25-year-old Baseball Coach from Dallas, TX. Thus our final three houseguests were revealed!

Ranking the Final Three

  1. James – At this moment, he’s playing for second place but if he’s able to win this final HOH competition he’ll have the $500k decision of who he’ll take to the finals. He’s at the top of this week because he was safe from eviction and was given a place in the final three from Paul.
  2. Paul – From being on the block a few days ago to winning HOH and guaranteeing his place into the final three, proving Paul is a force to be reckoned with. Having two veterans, it’ll be in his best interest to win the final HOH to secure his spot into the finale.
  3. Nicole – Our Michigander is so close to finale that it’s a bummer she’s at the bottom of my rankings. But it’s because she was nominated and failed to win the POV. She has James to thank for saving her and it could be James’ downfall if she wins the final HOH Competition.

My Choice For America’s Vote

My choice for America’s vote is for a new houseguests and not for a returning houseguest like Da’Vonne, James, Frank or our Michigander Nicole because they’ve had their chance the first time. Awarding James or Frank the award twice seems a bit unfair especially when there have been some great new houseguests to come into this game. My vote is split between our Michigander Michelle, Natalie, Victor and Paul. Ultimately I think it will come down to these four to win America’s Favorite Houseguest because they’ve made this season fun to watch. But if I had to choose only one, I’d have to go with Natalie, because her positive attitude and outlook on the game just shows that it’s in fact just a game. Natalie has been able to take her experience from this as a positive one and let’s remember she was the first recipient of America’s Care Package, so it’s only fitting that she’d win it as well. In a previous article I said there were five episodes left but we’ve got only two left and that doesn’t equal five, plus there is not an episode on Sunday. Tune in on Friday at 8pm on CBS Detroit to see our final three celebrate their accomplishments and look back at the season. We’ll see the start of the final three part HOH competition, which will be an endurance comp!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts.


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