DETROIT (WWJ) — A survey of 11,000 school employees in Michigan revealed widespread disappointment, demoralization and discontent.

American Federation of Teachers Michigan and the Michigan Education Association posted the results of the survey online on Monday, which provide a chilling picture of the state of education in Michigan, revealing low morale, exhaustion from needless testing, high job insecurity and disgust with policies from Lansing, saying they hurt rather than help student achievement.

Steven Cook, President of the Michigan Education Association, was not surprised by the results.

“If there were any surprises, it was the depth of feeling how strongly they felt about a number of issues,” Cook said. “That was a little surprising, but the overall results weren’t.”

80 percent of school employees said they are under-compensated for the job they do, while only seven percent of teachers thought changes to the evaluation system over the past several years have had a positive impact on their teaching.

The survey was conducted over a one-week period last spring. Participants included PreK-12 teachers and support staff, higher education faculty and support staff, and retirees of all groups.

Just over 50 percent of respondents answered “no” when asked whether they feel they would be able to comfortably retire.

“What this survey result confirmed for me is that teachers don’t enjoy teaching as much as we perhaps thought we did,” Cook said. “Some are very happy, but that’s a minority.”

More information about the survey can be found HERE.

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  1. Doug says:

    Ask any industry how they are feeling.Insecure about the future ,unhappy with the pay cuts or freezes,loss of benefits,more work because of lost people not replace etc. Is not only the teachers
    who are effected. All there students parents are effected.

  2. Jonathan Gruber says:

    Wake up Michichiganders!

    Anything that is run by democrats is destroyed. The cities, departments, schools, police, have all precipitously declined. Always playing the RACECARD democrats claim that they need MORE MONEY in spite of spending twice per pupil as the suburbs, their schools are ruined and puke out illiterate, unemployable misfits. Is this due to widespread, endemic democrat corruption? Is it due to horrific democrat mismanagement? Is this due to shocking democrat negligence? NO! There is no way that the schools continue to decline, decade after decade without willful intent. To believe otherwise is to believe that you can flip a coin everyday for six decades and get heads every flip.

    The democrats cannot survive without a helpless, hopeless permanent underclass for a constituency. These people are lured onto the democrat plantation with handouts and are kept there for generations by stripping the people of the opportunity to rise by denying them education.

    Teachers are only cogs in this democrat plan. They understand the futility of their task. The plan is to fail. To waste work, to waste taxpayer money, to waste pupil’s time and future is soulsucking for anyone other than a Bernie Madoff. OF COURSE THEY ARE DEPRESSED AND DEMORALIZED! THEY WOULD NOT BE HUMAN IF THEY ENJOYED AIDING THIS EVIL DEMOCRAT PLAN.

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