PONTIAC (WWJ) – It’s cloudy and it’s gloomy outside — the perfect setting for a night of fright and time to begin the build up to Halloween season.

It’s one of the largest haunted attractions in the nation and WWJ’s Sandra McNeill stopped by ahead of the opening night at Erebus in Pontiac.

Getting in character at Erebus. (WWJ/Aaron Gonzalez)

Getting in character at Erebus. (WWJ/Aaron Gonzalez)

This year, says owner Ed Terebus, it’s all about the zombies and Nicole Deal, who heads the makeup department, puts the fright on the faces of the undead.

“Just some buildup on their face … like their face was ripped open,” says Deal. “Then we can paint it from there – like it’s sinking in – cut open — adds some texture to it,” laughs Deal.

Ahead of the crowds, Terebus is making sure everything is in working order.

Check out this video from a CBSDetroit trip to Erebus a few seasons back.

Terebus says all the usual four-floors of fright will be back, including Freddy and the casket, lots of zombies and clowns.

“Our clowns are not happy,” he says. “Our clowns are the evil type — playing on that fear. They are lurking in corners – they are chasing you down into the mirror maze and you don’t know which way to go.”

“It’s the biggest season,” says Terebus,”with ‘Walking Dead,’ how could we let that go? Bring the zombies back — kind of like World War Z-ish. These aren’t just slow zombies, these guys are jumping at you – they’re moving fast. They’re going to get ‘cha.”

He says last year one woman became so frightened of the clowns that she ran full stride into a wall — knocking herself unconscious. “A little bump on the head, she was okay, a little thing of ice and she came to — she’s fine.”

Not one’s ever been seriously hurt — but if needed — there is a hospital nearby.


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