EAST LANSING (AP) — Three Michigan State players held their right fists in the air while standing for the national anthem before the eighth-ranked Spartans took on 11th-ranked Wisconsin on Saturday.

Running back Delton Williams, safety Kenney Lyke and defensive end Gabe Sherrod each made the gesture while standing next to each other on the sideline.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick received national attention when he refused to stand for the anthem before NFL preseason games earlier this year. He cited racial injustice and police brutality among the reasons for his actions.

Since then, other athletes all over the U.S. have engaged in their own protests during the anthem.


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  1. Jonathan Gruber says:

    the only thing that is worse than showing disrespect to our nation and to those who serve and protect us……is getting the snot knocked out of you for 60 minutes after you did your treatchery while wearing your university’s uniform…

    #keepin’itklassyMSU #findacountrythatlikebetterMSU

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