ANN ARBOR (WWJ) – It’s another instance of apparent racist messages popping up on a college campus — this time at the University of Michigan.

U-M officials say that early Monday morning someone discovered and removed a number of fliers posted in Haven and Mason halls in the heart of central campus that “espouse a racist point of view.”

The statement goes on to say that while U-M stands by the right of free speech, they have a responsibility to protect students and staff from such attacks.

“Messages of racial, ethnic or religious discrimination have no place at the University of Michigan. Targeted attacks against groups of people serve only to tear apart our university community,” reads the statement, sent jointly by university President Mark Schlissel and others.

“While we continue to defend any individual’s right to free speech on our campus, these types of attacks directed toward any individual or group, based on a belief or characteristic, are inconsistent with the university’s values of respect, civility and equality. We also have a responsibility to create a learning environment that is free of harassment. These are core values and guiding principles that will help us as we strive to live up to our highest ideals.

“In this time of heightened political strife, we believe these values take on even more importance as people and beliefs are targets of divisive rhetoric. But amidst these challenging times, our core values can help ground our community.”

It’s unclear at this time who posted the fliers if any punishment the person or persons may face if or when identified. Details about what exactly was on the fliers have not been released.

Over the last week, some racist graffiti was discovered  and removed on the nearby Eastern Michigan University campus as well.

At U-M, these types of incidents can be reported to the university’s Bias Response Team at 734-615-BIAS (2427). Get more information HERE.

Comments (7)
  1. Adam says:

    Be sure to remember your “free speech policy” the next time a conservative comes to your campus to present their thoughts and principles.

  2. Why do conservatives cry about the second amendment, but crucify someone else that exhibits their rights as well? The University of Michigan has my respect for disavowing racial rhetoric posted on their campus. Kudos to U of M and for the racially challenged individuals. Get over yourselves because you cannot change the way the World has changed. Either you stay hidden away from the World like a Hobbit, or you can come to your senses, and find a common ground with all cultures.

    1. All conservatives cry about the second amendment? Your an idiot. I know lots of filthy degenerate liberals who are concerned about 2nd amendment rights. Also, racial & bigot rhetoric are both protected rights. Why don’t liberals know this? Why do liberals want to limit free speech?

  3. Joseph L. says:

    It’s interesting that UoM didn’t release the contents of the flier. How do we know that the contents were actually racist and not simply something some snowflake felt was offensive?
    We saw the same thing at Mizzou. A black man said he heard someone use the “N” word as he was walking across campus but didn’t see who said it. We all know that blacks like to use the “N” word with each other. How do we know know that it was simply a case of one black person calling another black person the “N” word?
    The fact is that we don’t know the facts, and yet the media will continue to push the racism narrative.
    What have we come to?

  4. dannyboy says:

    I guess we can’t handle the truth, and so are not allowed to read this flier for ourselves.

  5. Dan says:

    So…… What the heck did the fliers say? I love when something is reported as offensive, but the news does not reveal what it is…..Who found it offensive? and why?

  6. Stu says:

    A twitter page for U of M students of African descent has the details.

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