DETROIT (WWJ) Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has stumped repeatedly at large events in the city of Detroit, including a much-publicized visit to a church, in an attempt to reach the city’s black voters.

The net result?

As Trump visits metro Detroit again Friday, a new WDIV poll shows him with zero support — literally — inside the city of Detroit.

And that’s not new. The Republican candidate also polled at zero percent among Pennsylvania and Ohio black voters over the summer, according to an NBC poll.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton polled with 89.7 percent support among Detroit voters. The poll surveyed 600 likely voters across Michigan, though far fewer of those respondents lived in the city. Overall, the survey found 7.7 percent of voters were still undecided.

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Trump did lead Clinton, per the poll, in Macomb County and in northern Michigan.

Overall, the poll found the recent debate pushed Hillary to a 7 percent lead in Michigan. Trump, many watchers said, stumbled into shaky territory with African Americans when he defended “stop and frisk” policies that have been criticized as leading to racial profiling. Democrats, and the Clintons in particular, are traditionally favorites of African American voters.

About 700,000 people live in Detroit, 84 percent of whom are black; It’s the most populous city in Michigan, which has about 10 million residents, 22 percent of whom are black.

Trump is in Michigan today, but staying in mostly white suburban communities.

“(His visit) underscores that Michigan still is a battleground state,” said WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick. “Of course, he wants to win Michigan.”

Other polls have Trump following Clinton by five points in Michigan. More polling is expected later this week, Skubick said.

Trump will attend fundraisers in Grand Rapids ahead of his 5 p.m. GOP rally at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi. Clinton has her daughter, Chelsea, campaigning on her behalf today in Traverse City.




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  1. Haven’t been to detroit in 10 years. Finally decided at that time I’d never go to the city again until they changed their politics. Filthy place under Dem rule.

    1. ulTRAX says:

      Sure, a city is an entity that completely controls its own economy and social conditions… and is NEVER affected by national policies such as free trade… which, BTW is a RIGHT WING IDEA.

      This right wing meme that places all blame for the decay of US cities on mayors is Orwellian in the extreme.

  2. Who the hell are you polling? Everybody I know is pro Trump. Biased Liberal Media.

    1. Kim Hunter says:

      A guy who canvassed for McGovern, relatively left Dem, for president in Massachusetts a totally Democratic state at the time, was surprised when McGovern lost in a landslide to Nixon. Everybody the guy talked to was voting for McGovern. It’s called living in a bubble which is even more possible now that we can each choose our own news sources.

      Yes, everyone you know may be voting for Trump. The problem is, you don’t know everyone, no one does. That’s why you have to look at a multiplicity of polls and news sources to get a handle on things.

    2. bob minarik says:

      An absurd article!! or an absurd poll!!

  3. I’m proud to say that I am still a Detroiter at heart.
    “Detroit, as I knew it”

    1. Detroit still loves you!
      Never forget.

  4. So almost 100% of Detroit city residents are voting for Hillary? Makes the case to vote for Trump then. You can see what the Detroit Resident’s political choices over the past 40 years have done to the city of Detroit. They basically ran it right into the ground financially, and decimated the city services. Corruption and Democrat greed has ruined that city for decades. If you want a successful government, vote the opposite way the residents of Detroit do.

  5. Ken Davis says:

    They all want their free Obama phones.

    1. ulTRAX says:

      Sorry Einstein, there was never any such thing as an “Obamaphone”. But there IS such a thing as the FCC Lifeline Program which…. wait for it… STARTED IN 1985 UNDER REAGAN.

  6. Of course your poll shows ZERO Percent. You’d put him at NEGATIVE 10% if you thought you could sell it. Hillary is lucky to draw 1,000 people to her rallies. Trump just drew 27,000 in Florida.

    The “news” media isn’t just attacking Donald Trump. They are attacking Americans who believe in the sovereign nation of “America” – rather than the Globalist “North American Union” planned for us by Hillary & Bill Clinton.

    Obama has sold out America’s control over a critical (and large) component of the Internet – to Globalist interests. The Freedom of Speech that U.S.-Control guaranteed – will now be at the whim of foreign powers. Thanks, Obama. The Democrat Party is dismantling America piece by piece – to be replaced by Bill & Hilary Clinton’s Globalist Socialist State.

  7. Jeff Bensley says:

    Hillary almost lot her balance again going down steps at rally-
    needed SS guy to help her-
    This is becoming a real farce!

  8. Thinker says:

    Can it be so surprising that the obvious is not obvious to the oblivious?

  9. nobama666 says:

    Most Detroiters are illiterate and have sub normal IQs so they should be disqualified from soiling the election.

    1. ulTRAX says:

      Hillary got plenty of flack for her “deplorable” comment. And yet here you are proving the point…

  10. David Thomas says:

    No way Trump comes in at zero percent, even in Detroit. You guys are liars selling a lie. Don’t buy it, vote Trump :)

  11. Trump is pathetic. So much for his black outreach. He’s doing great with “the blacks”…

    1. ulTRAX says:

      There was never any “Black Outreach” with Trump. Trump was having problems with white women voters who thought he was a bigot. So to “prove” to these voters that he wasn’t… he… or his new campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, concocted this phony appeal to black voters which he made in front of white Trump voters. Once the ploy was exposed, Trump made a visit or two to actual black communities.

  12. furuq COD says:

    Did WDIV try asking anyone who ACTUALLY VOTES during this poll? I think NOT. Hillbillary is DONE.

  13. Justin Joby says:

    Remember when Obama said he’d fix inner cities? Remember that? Detroit/Chicago will be waiting on that promise until the end of time. Good luck democrats! #TrumpforPresident

  14. Allens Daniels says:

    It’s that 70 IQ that always comes back to haunt the slave race. They are just not the sharpest tools in the shed.

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