DETROIT (WWJ) – More visible proof the trains will soon be running up and down Woodward again, soon.

It may not rival Chicago or Baltimore’s downtown train transportation reports WWJ’s Mike Campbell – but Detroiters haven’t seen this type of movement since 1956.

The road is coming up, the rails are going down and while it doesn’t look like much right now, some areas have cement platforms, or an overhang for the stations, others just have a sign that alludes to the coming M1 Rail transportation, it’s a sign of good things to come.

Signs of prograss at Grand Circus Park on either side of Woodward; the north and the south side at different stages of development.

Check out more of the M1 Rail:

When completed the trains will run from downtown to MidTown Detroit.

  1. Jonathan Gruber says:

    This is typical of CBS propaganda. This is just an easier way for the drug sellers to get around quickly. Only a democrat would waste the millions to build this thing and then millions more to maintain this wasteathon. This is just like the bike paths that they are trying to build….like giving a polo pony to homeless person….not only unaffordably expensive but insanely expensive to maintain….AND TOTALLY UNNECESSARY.


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