By: Evan Jankens

The feud between Michigan and Ohio State will never end. And thank God for that.

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This past weekend, Buckeye head coach Urban Meyer surpassed 1 million followers on Twitter and according to Jim Harbaugh then gained over 5,000 new followers to match Meyer with 1 million followers.

So it seems likely that Harbaugh, or someone acting on his behalf, bought Twitter followers to help him catch up to his archenemy. The only question now is what percentage of Harbaugh’s one million Twitter followers are fake. The answer, provided by third-party site, is pretty shocking.

Insert squealing brakes here: The Twitter audit says that over 600,000 of Harbaugh’s followers are actually fake.

Meyer’s Twitter audit didn’t go much better; he reportedly has more than 590,000 fake followers. Does it really matter how many Twitter followers one has? Shouldn’t the coaches be worrying about the product on the football field?

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Below are the last tweet each coach has sent out. Harbaugh is trying to help a rapper open for Big Sean.

Meyer’s was a photo of LeBron James wearing an Ohio State shirt.

Meyer actually has 1,018,537 followers and Harbaugh has 1,010,905.

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But all that matters is who wins on the field on Saturday November 26 when the two Big Ten powerhouses face one another in Columbus, Ohio.