By: Evan Jankens

WWE Superstar Ric Flair says he slept with Halle Berry. Do we really believe this? If so, WOOOOOO!

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Harley Quin costumes that are inspired by the Suicide Squad will be seen all over, and we should all be grateful for Margot Robbie.

Luke Cage was released via Netflix on Friday and yet again, Marvel and Netflix hit a home run.

I always love the uniforms that Nike makes for Oregon, but now I think they have gone too far.

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Should Dustin Johnson be worried? Tiger has his girl and a drink in hand.

Steve Young says a ref once tried to convince him he should date his daughter. Would you really want a professional athlete dating your daughter?

Even on the field, I can’t escape the craziness. We play the Colts at home. Partway through the second quarter I’m in the huddle when the head referee taps me on the shoulder. “Can I talk to you for a second?” he says. I step away from the huddle. “Hey, listen, my daughter’s going to BYU,” he whispers. Next thing I know he starts trying to convince me that I should meet his daughter. “I’d like you to take her out,” he says.

A lacrosse game was decided by a game of rock, paper, scissors after lightning shut down the game. Western Michigan got the win!

Why the heck is there another “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie?

This man was attacked by a bear twice and went to Facebook to talk about it and show off his gruesome injuries. 

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Were the selfies a good idea?