By: Evan Jankens

The last time the Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator was at Ford Field, this time with the Buffalo Bills, he was carried off on his players shoulders after the Bills beat the Lions 17-14.

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Now with the Eagles, Schwartz is poised to lead another defense in stopping the Lions offensive attack.

Believe it or not, he still roots for the team he was the head coach from 2009-13.

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According to, Schwartz says he still roots on the Lions.

As far as the Lions, I think you guys would be surprised how much I root for the Lions. As long as it’s not in direct conflict with the Eagles, I want those guys to win every week. I know too many people, too much blood and sweat in that building. There’s a lot of guys there that mean an awful lot to me. Starting with [Matt] Stafford, Pettigrew, those guys were my first draft class. I want those guys to succeed. I don’t want them to succeed this Sunday and I will do my very best to try to beat them, but I think everybody would be surprised how much you have relationships that don’t just go away when you leave or a player leaves. Those guys had my back when I coached there, I’ve had their back. I’m sure that will continue. Just not this Sunday, though.

If there is anyone who knows the weaknesses of the Lions offense it would be Jim Schwartz. It’s also not surprising to me that Schwartz would want to see the guys he drafted to succeed. It would justify him as a head coach.

Schwartz was also asked if he would like be a head coach again, to which he said, “I’m just trying to stay off the hot seat. Everybody talk about ‘hot seat’ this time of year. I’m just trying to keep my ass off the hot seat.”

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I think it’s safe to say after the way Jim Caldwell has coached the Lions this season and last, fans would love to have Jim Schwartz back.