Another week of Survivor and it sure was a juicy episode! Surprisingly I’m very impressed with my Millennials game this week. Gen. X on the other hand, seemed like a bunch of schlumps.

The Gen. X Tribe

Throughout the previous weeks, we have been introduced to the tribe members and had gotten to know just a little about each of them.  This week, we see a little more of who is currently on “the bottom” of the tribe.  On the bottom, we have David, (who was originally called, Mr. Paranoid, however, I’m kind of diggin’ him this week, so I’ll call him David) Ken, (The young but old enough guy who happens to be on the Gen. X tribe) and a lady named CeCe. These three are shown to be on the bottom, as all the rest of the tribe seemed to be interested in the “Alpha Male” Paul, the oldest man on the Gen. X Tribe.

Paul, who was just not feeling well in last week’s episode, seems to be invincible now. He thinks he’s all strong and mighty but he actually well, doesn’t do much of anything. All he does is talk and Ken seems to be one of the only tribe members who noticed his behavior. At this point, the bottom three of the tribe, Ken, David and CeCe, all agree and want Paul voted out as soon as possible.

The Millennials

Meanwhile, the Millennials are finally not acting clownish for once in an episode.  We see how Zeke and Adam are now on the bottom because of Hannah switching over to the cool kids at last Tribal as they all voted off Mari.  Originally wanting to vote off Figgy, Hannah explains to Zeke and Adam how they didn’t have the number of votes to get Figs out anyway. (In which is true).

However, later in the episode, we see some foreshadowing of who is on the bottom, (Adam, Zeke, Hannah, Michaela, and the random High School Kid) and notice how Adam is trying to convince his bottom members how the solid four, (Michelle, Jay, Taylor and Figgy) are a threat. He tells them how they have the numbers to vote off one of the solid four.  This keeps us in mind of what could possibly happen for the future of the Millennials tribe.

The Survivor Summit

The Survivor Summit was received in “Tree Mail” at each camp.  Both camps were given a bag of stones.  Whatever four members of each tribe pulled the colored stone, would meet with the other four members of the opposite tribe.

The four from the Millennials just happen to be the solid four, Michelle, Jay, Taylor, and Figgy.  The four from Gen. X were David, CeCe, Paul and Paul’s wingman, Chris.  These eight got to eat peanut butter and jelly, relax on a beach and get to know one another.  How lovely.

The Millennials and Gen. X tribe mingled and got to know how each other’s tribe members are.  The girls on the Millennials thought that Ken from Gen. X, (The young, but old enough to be on Gen. X member) is such a Barbie, “Ken Doll.”  However, the tribe knows he is not a “Ken Doll” and even later in the episode Ken says he’s heard the term, “Ken Doll” half of his childhood…whatever that means.

Ken says, “Yeah when you’re a boy, the last thing you want to be referred to is a plastic Barbie with no penis.”

I thought it was funny.

ANYWAY, Ken Doll is not part of the Summit and the only smart ones during this time, in my opinion, were David, CeCe and surprisingly, the Millennials.  During the Summit, Paul talks about himself (like always) and shares how he is a member of a rock and roll band back at home, (I’m actually not that surprised). David, CeCe, and the Millennials see through his “desperate for attention” rockstar attitude and talk among themselves, leaving Paul and Chris out of the loop while the two were swimming.

During the Survivor Summit, David and CeCe are bonding with Millennials and are forming a future alliance with them. This could better their personal game once the merge hits later on in the season. Meanwhile, Paul and Chris seem to be isolating themselves. I’m beginning to think former, “Mr. Paranoid” David seems to know how to play the game after all.

Immunity Challenge / Reward

This week, the Immunity Challenge is once again combined with a reward.  This week’s reward was “comfort” which included pillows and custom Survivor lawn chairs.

During the Immunity Challenge, each tribe had to go under and over obstacles, retrieving bags.  Each tribe member had to cross a balance beam and get themselves, along with the retrieved bags, over to the next obstacle.  After the obstacle, the tribe must throw the bags of coconuts at their block puzzle, knock it down, and then simply rebuild their block puzzle back up.  The first tribe to do this is safe from Tribal Council and will not be voted out of the game.

This week at the Immunity Challenge was rather interesting.  Throughout the challenge, I was very impressed with the Millennials and how they worked together as a team.  The Millennials were more strategic in working together, as the Gen. X tribe, however, were working very separate as individuals.

Because of their lack of teamwork, the Gen. X tribe had lost this challenge and was sent to Tribal Council.  At the end of the challenge, the Millennials had asked for Fishing Gear instead of Comfort for their reward, but since the Gen. X tribe disagreed with the request, they were not given the Fishing Gear.  Do you think that the Gen. X tribe did this because they may be feeling a bit threatened by the young and strong Millennials?

Tribal Council

Before Tribal, we always see a preview of where the tribe stands and where the votes may lay.  We notice at this time that CeCe, one out of the three bottom members, is on the voting “chopping block” because she had taken the longest time on the balance beam at the challenge.  She seems to be the clear choice of who may be getting voted out tonight at Tribal.

However, those who are on the top of the Gen. X tribe with the Alpha Male, Paul, were thinking differently.  Some of the women in Paul’s alliance were not pleased with Paul’s behavior.  During the discussion of who may be voted out at Tribal, Paul decides to unintentionally, make himself a target.

The discussion overall was that Paul had admitted to the women that he would just simply tell them if there was ever an “all men alliance” and instead of staying with them, that those ladies would “be on their own.”  Instead of Paul just saying (or lying) that he will never break his current alliance, Paul’s truth puts himself on the chopping block with CeCe.

By Tribal, almost all of the tribe had caught onto Paul’s arrogance and behavior. The tribe had spoken and the oldest member of the Gen. X tribe, Paul, had been blindsided and voted off.

This may have been the smartest decision of the Gen. X Tribe yet.  What were you thinking? I was certainly pleased.  I suppose we will see if voting off the “Alpha Male” will strengthen the Gen. X tribe for next week.

You can watch this season of Survivor, Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. Look for my recaps every Thursday morning right here on


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