DETROIT (WWJ) – A video a clown hitching a right on the back of a Detroit Department of Transportation bus is going viral.

The video was taken Saturday by someone riding alongside the bus. It shows a daredevil clown in a white hospital gown and menacing mask with bright pink hair clinging onto the back of the bus.

“This n**** hanging on the back of the bus,” a man says as the vehicles speeds up to the bus. “It’s a f****** clown! Get the f*** out of here!”

Click here to see the video (WARNING: Explicit language)

It’s not clear where the video was taken, but the bus goes over train tracks as the clown holds on for dear life. It’s been viewed more than a million times.

The clown’s identity is still a mystery at this point, but DDOT isn’t amused by the stunt. In a statement, DDOT says it has surveillance cameras both inside and outside its buses — and they’ve forwarded the footage to police for review. Officials say the safety of all riders, even clowns, is their number one priority.

An investigation is ongoing.

Comments (19)
  1. Robbie G says:

    Does anyone proof these articles? “A video a clown hitching a right on the back of a Detroit Department of Transportation bus is going viral.” You’re missing the word “of” after “video” and the clown was hitching a right? How about a ride? Also, in the one quote of the story you write “vehicles speeds” instead of vehicle speeds or vehicles speed. Pretty sad.

    1. Auntie Vyris says:

      We don’t need no proofreaders; this is the Internet, silly!

    2. ImYup says:

      Universities are now emphasizing ’empowerment’, ‘cultural appropriation’, and ‘safe spaces’. Subject matter material is now taking a back seat to these social matter.

  2. Balanced Integer says:

    Homie don’t play dat,

    1. T says:

      I understood that reference!

  3. john p says:

    great picture! just a bus. no clown. poor journalism

    1. HeywoodJablowme says:

      Click on the line where it says Click here to see video.

  4. Chip Payne says:

    Doesn’t anyone remember the band called “Insane Clown Posse”? This is them, their followers are called “Jugallos”. They are violent clowns that play Rock n Roll. They advocate decapitating normal citizens. They are truly scary. The two guys are named, “Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope”. Google them, they talk about the Clown Craze!

    1. JWPatx says:

      Highly doubtful… Juggalos use mostly only black and white face paint, not masks, and don’t wear clown costumes either/look more like goth kids… I can’t stand defending people with whom I have absolutely nothing in common, but their whole ethos is tied to inclusiveness/love… not scaring ppl. The movement they’re talking about is juggalos and how many there are… not clowns.

      I mean.. You’re saying look them up, but you seem to know less about them than anyone. It’s go look up their music video for their song called “Miracles” and after you stop laughing at the stupidity, tell me that these people are to blame. I’m not sure if you know this, but they’re remaking Stephen King’s IT…. and it’s coming out soon. Occam’s Razor my friend.

    2. You’re an idiot! Chop “normal” citizens’ heads off and blast rock n roll. Yeah, rock is so bad and clowns are terrible. WHat a freak you are to even write this nonsense. Insane CLown Posse is funny af! Their videos are hilarious! Google them to get some laughs, people. This Chip guy must be a liberal SJW Clinton voter and hates free speech.

  5. john says:

    If a White person in Black face is racist, isn’t a Black person in White face racist?

  6. TroyGale says:

    What is everyone so worked up about?
    This was obviously a Democrat Voter hitching a ride to cast his vote early. (the often comes later).

    1. HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best comment winner for sure!

  7. Bear610 says:

    Anything to not pay bus fare huh?

  8. Michael Bol says:

    someone said some vulgar words there, why is CNN not on the scene calling for a investigation?

  9. Saul Korn says:

    Just click on link to see hilarious short video !!

  10. Ozzonelayyer says:

    Clown Lives Matter

  11. No Mas Ilegales says:

    I think it was the biggest clown of all: Barack Hussein Obama. Did anyone check to see if he was actually at home, in the White House? No, of course not. He was hitching rides in Detroit, something that he has always had on his bucket list. That, and ruining America. But he can now cross these off of his little list.

  12. HeywoodJablowme says:

    They forwarded the video to police. Yeah, there is a whole book of clown suspects at the police department to page through to see if this clown is one of them.

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