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Eye witnesses and theories from the internet range from the divine to the supernatural to the mundane. Is it Jesus walking on water, an oil rig … or perhaps a ghost ship? With the Great Lakes’ history of shipwrecks the idea of a paranormal visitor can catch on quickly.

On a fall color tour in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Saturday, Jason Asselin and his friends were watching a rainbow when another sight caught their eye.

Check it out.

At 200x zoom on his camera Asselin said he thinks the object would be “hundreds” of feet tall. It clearly resembles a tall ship.

(used with permission, credit: Jason Asselin)

(used with permission, credit: Jason Asselin)

(used with permission, credit: Jason Asselin)

(used with permission, credit: Jason Asselin)

“There’s no ship that big,” he adds.

The resemblance to tall sailing ships isn’t lost on Asselin and he notes the coincidence of the object appearing so close to Columbus day.

“Some people said it might be a mirage, but for that to happen conditions would have to be perfect.” said Asselin.

A specific kind of mirage called Fata Morgana can cause one or more mirror images to stack elongate objects on the horizon.

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One possible explanation could be a lighthouse.

Approximately nine miles north of where the video was taken on the northernmost tip of Presque Isle Park in Marquette known as the Black Rocks, you’ll find Granite Island where a lighthouse and a tower structure vaguely resemble the blurry silhouette from the video.

This isn’t the first time the Great Lakes have put on a show. When the weather conditions are just right, the Chicago skyline has been seen from Michigan.


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  1. tngilmer says:

    Clearly a grain or some other type of silo or a lighthouse.

    1. snailmailtrucker says:

      Clearly ?
      If it was Clearly….everyone would know exactly what it was !

      Common Core Much ?

  2. Me says:

    “Superior, they said, never gives up her dead . . . “

    1. snailmailtrucker says:

      Hillary it’s Said….Gets her Votes From the Dead
      when Results from November Turn Gloomy !

    2. RLABruce says:

      I agree, looks like the Edmund Fitzgerald….

      1. Martina Crews says:

        It looks NOTHING like the Fitzgerald! The Fitz doesn’t even have a mast! It doesn’t look like the lighthouse and tower either BUT they mentioned there is an optical illusion where images can stack…AND elongate.. THAT could be what we are seeing… The Granite Island Lighthouse and tower.. oo I missed a video above that says it has been debunked! Lets go see !

  3. Ethan Wayne says:

    The Jesus comment is offensive. Looks like water spewing up from the ocean floor.

    1. Brian says:

      Please purchase a globe or go back to 6th grade. It’s a lake not the ocean.

  4. Bob Roberton says:

    That’s too large to be a ship. Its a space station.

    1. Mike Stewart says:

      Ive got a bad feeling about this…

  5. Christian says:

    Simply get on a boat and get down there to see what it is!

  6. Random says:

    It’s the 2 whitnesses. They’re here.

  7. Roxy says:

    WHAT? someone caught Putins subs in our waters?

  8. atthemurph says:

    What do they mean “if the conditions are just right you can see the Chicago skyline from MI”? If the conditions are bad you can’t see the skyline otherwise you can.

    And that looks to me like a sailboat just over the horizon.

  9. Drew says:

    A buddy and myself saw this happen one morning in the Persian Gulf as the sun came up. Huge square ship like object came up, nothing on the radar, we all thought we had been awake to long. It went away, about 10 Mins later a cargo ship came over horizon, just a mirage type event where the image is hitting the moisture over the water and the other light sources allow you to see it.

    1. Jim Morgan says:

      fata morgana

  10. Gracie says:


    1. Philip Ouellette says:

      Gracie has it. Godzilla Resurgence was released in the USA TODAY!

  11. For if such a day should come to pass
    this is no God come to save the human race,
    but a big boat
    like the ones our forefathers sailed
    having made it across the great ocean to our shores
    from outer space.
    And friends
    when that boat finally comes
    ascending from the depths of our imagination
    to appear within our sight
    We’ll be born again
    as we’ve been so many times all throughout the ages when we find that we’re not right,
    and with darkness lifted from our eyes, then we’ll find what should come as no surprise…

    #Phish #BigBoat
    Phish Always Wins

  12. poetopoet says:

    It’s a UFO I have seen the thing off the coast of Plymouth Ma.

  13. mark says:

    It’s obviously 3 people walking, either a back reflection or a hoax.

  14. Kenny says:

    The moisture over the water acts like a magnifying glass that can enlarge and distort objects just like desert mirages. It looks like a sailboat of some kind done that way.

  15. You people have to be pretty blind. It’s pretty obvious that it is Jesus walking on the waters, with his left arm stretched out over the space shuttle Columbia, which is still on its launch pad. Sheesh!

  16. I don’t to say it’s aliens. But it’s aliens.

  17. TMH says:

    Isn’t Presque Isle in Lake Erie?

    1. atthemurph says:

      Yes, but Presque Isle Park is in Marquette, MI.

  18. Denny M says:

    It looks to me like a large sloop carrying a spinnaker.

  19. The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down
    Of the big lake they called ‘gitche gumee’…What the hell did you expect?

  20. Grim Reaper asking for directions to one Hillary Rodham Clinton…

  21. MARKY says:


  22. Jim Morgan says:

    Look up “fata morgana”. That’s probably what it is.

  23. They’re coming 2 take You away haha hehe!

  24. brian92 says:

    Look up “Granite Island Lighthouse”, it consists of 2 structures. I’m guessing it’s just a weird illusion due to whatever conditions were present.

  25. Middletown says:

    More than likely a water spout

  26. Mark Davis says:

    How is this news? A casual with a consumer bridge camera is an expert on mirage conditions now? Of course it’s a mirage… it’s even vertically symmetrical. It also doesn’t have to be hundreds of feet tall, as mirages double the height of the object. I see this stuff all the time, living on the ocean. Sometimes it’s simply the ocean itself, other times islands or ships. Those “perfect conditions” for mirages are very broad, by the way. All you need is temperature inversion.

    Slow news day?

  27. James Curry says:

    It’s clearly an alien Mother Ship waiting for her childrens to return.

  28. now I have “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”
    stuck in my head

  29. David Alster says:

    This clearly a Chinese oil rig.

  30. Mirage effect folks. Move on.

  31. Atomic says:

    ‘Tis the Witch of November!

  32. People from below the bridge are trolls. Detroit is below the bridge. You do the logic. Also, it’s a cloud. They are very common above the horizon line in this thing we call the sky. You cannot see standard rock from presque isle’s black rocks, even if you swim out a ways. Silly trolls.

  33. Tom says:

    Caused by global warming.

  34. subhuman taxpayer says:

    Ghost of climate change

  35. Dodo says:


  36. DW says:

    Cthulu Rises just prior to Halloween.

  37. Sort of like a drilling platform…

  38. Thomas says:

    It’s the Jackdaw!

    1. Look at the weak wall cloud in the wide shot right above where the waterspout appears.

  39. ┈╱▔▔╲┈┈┈╱▏┈┈┈┈┈┈

  40. jaysfantasyfootballfillin says:

    it’s the water splashing off the rocks at the base of the lighthouse!

    1. jaysfantasyfootballfillin says:

      debunked….. sorry ghost ship seekers!

  41. Those aren’t waves, they’re ripples. The blurred object looks like an old piling to me. Camera tricks.

  42. Rae Cyrulik says:

    In Cleveland, more than once, the Perry Monument on Put-in-Bay was seen in a similar fashion. It’s freaky, but completely natural. Unfortunately, as a ghost ship would be really cool.

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