DETROIT (WWJ) – The wait grew to over four hours Wednesday as metro Detroiters were awarded the rare opportunity to tour a Navy ship.

Barbara Smith from Dearborn emerged from the USS Detroit, with her husband Scott, beaming ear to ear and brimming with information about the ship:

She told WWJ’s Sandra McNeill that the ship has no right angles – so that it has the appearance more like a fishing vessel – she was impressed at how it can travel at speeds up to 60 mph.

What about this ship says ‘Detroit?’ she was asked.

“It’s scrappy, it’s fast, it’s scrappy, it can do multiple things at once, they talked about how it can shoot smart bullets the same bullet can be any kind of bullet depending on how they want to shoot it,” she marveled.

“It’s cool,” said 13-year-old Kaley — after touring the ship with her mom.

The USS Detroit impressed Ken Dustin, who climbed aboard in front of the Renaissance Center.

“The fact that it doesn’t have a rutter but it’s basically a giant skee-doo type ship – what they are able to do is fascinating.”

Dustin says the ship has the ability to accept two helicopters landing at once.

“I think it’s really great that Detroit has this as a name sake for Detroit,” he said.

The USS Detroit will be commissioned on Saturday.

  1. Lily says:

    It’s “Rudder”.

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