By: Evan Jankens

Paul Finebaum is a talking head from ESPN who doesn’t seem to like the University of Michigan. And that’s an understatement.

In September, he went on his radio show and called Michigan fans “pathetic.” During his show Tuesday, he decided to take a few more shots at the Wolverines. This time he even decided to compare the Michigan and Ohio State fan base, according to

“There’s no comparison between Ohio State and Michigan fans,” Finebaum said. “Ohio State fans are very knowledgeable people. They understand, they are supportive. Michigan fans are from another planet. I’ve dealt with a lot of Ohio State fans, particularly a couple years ago after the Buckeyes beat Alabama. Ohio State fans at least know what they’re talking about.

“I don’t think they are nearly as knowledgeable as Ohio State fans when it comes to football IQ. I think they have gone all-in on Harbaugh…listen, Harbaugh is a good coach, but he hasn’t done anything yet at Michigan.”

“The great Michigan coach over the last 40 years is Bo Schembechler who never won a title, so I understand Michigan fan aren’t exaclty dealing with championships like Ohio State fan or fans of Alabama.”

These are pretty strong words coming from Finebaum, who seems to take a shot at Michigan every chance he gets. If you think about it though, in my opinion, his comments aren’t too far off. Just about every Michigan fan I know has already named Jim Harbaugh as the savior of the university and their football program — but he has yet to win anything. That might change this year when they will walk into East Lansing on Oct. 29 and presumably steam roll the Spartans, but the real test will happen on Nov. 26 when they play “The Game” in Columbus against Ohio State.

Finebaum continued to say, “I’ve yet to meet a Michigan fan that has a sense of humor about his program, that has an ounce of objectivity in their body,” and then told one fan to call back “when you win a championship.” Michigan’s last Big Ten title was 2004.


If Michigan fails to make an appearance in the Big Ten title game, but finishes the season 11-1 with their only loss to Ohio State would the season be considered a failure?

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  1. Jonathan Gruber says:

    The typical UM fan is delusional. Every year shrieking that THIS will be THE YEAR that they win the undisputed national championship….even though the last time they won the NC without dispute Harry Truman was president (most UM fans will go nuts shrieking that they won in 1997 but they shared the title with Nebraska that year and if you look at the numbers, Nebraska was a clear winner.) Every year shrieking that THIS COACH is the best coach that ever was. This quarterback is the best……ad nauseum. The typical UM fan does not understand what “pro-style” means or “spread” means or what a “counter” is or what are the most important characteristics of a coaching staff/head coach, or what the size of the stadium, the helmet colors, the school song, the school “tradition” plays in determining the year’s wins and losses….this list is endless. The mirror image is their rabid, vicious, unreasoning hatred of any other institution of higher learning which has a football program. The derision is always without merit. The haughty strutting and boasting about MSU is worse than pathetic. MSU has done far more with far less talent, funding and press coverage that cannot seem to get the coach’s name correct. The white hot envious rage is reserved for OSU the UM homer is still shrieking about tattoos (though they can never explain how tattoos caused them to lose repeatedly to the Buckeyes) The only win that they can point to against OSU is a game where the NCAA stripped OSU of their starting QB, RB,OL, CB but they gloat as if the win was recent or fair. The legitimate wins were in the 90’s where favored OSU continually lost to UM. The UM homer pretends the wins from before players wore helmets have some impact on the outcome of this year’s games.

    This delusional behavior is usually not physical and comes from ignorance so it never bothers me. The hate that the UM fan has for B1G rival causes them to cheer opposing teams in bowl games to which UM has not been invited (in 2014, the UM fans at BW3 were screaming for Alabama to beat OSU which won on their way to the national championship, note: not MSU fans only UM fans)

  2. Scott says:


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