By Mickie McLeod
CBS 62/CW50 Intern

This week on Survivor, we hear one of the famous Survivor phrases, “drop your buffs.”

Before we get to see the major switch of Millennials and Gen. X, we focus on the Gen. X Tribe and their “Idol Search Party.” When getting back from last Tribal Council, the tribe is a bit mixed as Dave feels like he is second guessing on saving Jessica last Tribal.  Since the Hidden Immunity Idol was used last week on Jessica, there is now a new Hidden Idol somewhere on camp.  The search is on for the new Idol.

Everyone on the tribe splits to look for the Idol. Meanwhile, Jessica shares her trust now with Ken and reveals to him about her “Legacy advantage” that she found earlier in the game.

The search continues and believe it or not, the person who had found and used the Idol the previous night, Dave, finds his second Idol all alone once again.  Is this good Karma for Dave?  Dave is back feeling comfortable.

Tribe Switch

The two Tribes, Millennials and Gen. X are approaching what they think is a reward challenge, but ultimately is just a switching of the tribes.  Jeff tells everyone to drop their buff and to draw a new wrapped up buff.  The tribes are now not divided into two tribes, but into three.

I will call these Tribes by their colors and not their strange names, because who knows how long this switch will last.  The three tribes contained the Orange, Purple, and Green tribe.  The Orange Tribe was given the Millennials previous beach.  The Purple Tribe was given Gen. X’s beach, and lastly, the Green Tribe had to restart their camp at a new beach.

The Orange Tribe

The Orange Tribe contained three Gen. X’s, Chris, CeCe, and Dave.  The other two on the tribe were Millennials, Michelle, and Zeke.

On this tribe, it seems as if the numbers for the Gen. X’s were in their favor. Three vs. Two.  However, Zeke and Chris had become close quick, as they shared their love for Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Sooners.  Zeke and Chris are both from Oklahoma, where Chris played for the Sooners that Zeke loves.  This alliance had formed quickly.

The Purple Tribe

The Purple Tribe contained three Millennials, Adam, and the “Power Couple” Figgy and Taylor.  The remaining two were Gen. X’s Ken and Jessica, who were shown making an alliance together earlier in the episode.

Besides the weird “secret” romance of Figgy and Taylor, I think this tribe has some of the most strategic players.  During this time, Adam and Ken hit it off well and form a bond at camp too.  I predict that Adam, Jessica, and Ken will go far together in the game.

The Green Tribe

The Green Tribe contained everyone else.  Everyone else included one of my favorites, Michaela, and her other three fellow Millennials, Jay, Hannah, and High School kid, Will.  The other two on this Tribe are Gen. X’s Boston Bret, and Sunday.

Jay says that since the majority of the tribe are Millennials, that Millennials are relentless, so this tribe should be relentless. At first, Millennial Michaela was not happy that she was on a tribe that had to rebuild their entire camp.  However, she proves Jay’s point and shows persistence and hard work, as she is the one to start the camp’s fire.

The Immunity Challenge

Since there are three tribes, there are now two Immunity Idols.  One out of the three tribes will be sent to Tribal Council if they lose the challenge.

The challenge began with collecting buoys underwater.  Every member of each tribe had to collect a buoy and transfer it over to their tribe’s dock.  After each tribe had collected their five buoys, one member had to throw all five into a basket.  The first two tribes that accomplished this had won Immunity and were not sent to Tribal Council.

The tribe that was easily the most impressive was the Purple Tribe.  The other two tribes had some issues during the challenge.  Sunday on the Green tribe could not retrieve her buoy, and Dave and CeCe on the Orange Tribe were just…well, awful.

In the end, the awful Orange Tribe were the ones who lost this challenge.  This meant the Orange Tribe would be attending Tribal Council that night.

Tribal Council

The Orange Tribe was the first of the three tribes to be heading to Tribal.  One of the five members would be voted out and it seemed like it would have been one of the two Millennials at first.

However, since Chris had become closer with Millennial Zeke, Chris decided to align himself with him.  In result of this, Chris convinced David to join and have everyone vote out CeCe instead. CeCe was confident that she had the numbers to be saved; however, her performance in the challenge did not save her.

In the end, CeCe was blind-sided and her whole tribe wrote her name down and voted her out.

How do you like this season of Survivor? In my opinion, I am ready for some drama. I’m not disappointed in any Tribal decision yet so far.  When am I going to start yelling at my T.V?  Maybe I’m just speaking too soon…

You can watch this season of Survivor, Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. I’ll be live tweeting about the show, follow me @mick_cloudy and look for my recaps every Thursday morning right here on

Mickie McLeod is a Livonia, MI native.  She’s majoring in Communication Studies at Wayne State University.  Mickie has been a Survivor fan since 2000.  Follow her @mick_cloudy for live tweeting about Survivor and look for her recaps every Thursday morning. 


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