DETROIT (WWJ) — Detroit Police Chief James Craig addressed a personal threat to his life on Friday afternoon.

Craig spoke to reporters in response a graffiti message found in the area of W. State Fair Ave. and John R. St. reading “Kill All Police, Kill James Craig.”

Craig said the message was noticed by patrol officers sometime Thursday night.

“Is it troubling? Absolutely. Do we take it serious? Yes we do,” Craig said. “Given the environment that we’re in today, we don’t take threats lightly. Any time you threaten a Detroit police officer — and now the Detroit Police Chief — that’s a threat on all of us.”

Craig said that personal threats are not something that “you want to wake up” and learn about. He offered a message of his own to the culprit.

“Just know this — I will not be deterred,” Craig said. ” Whatever your motives or reasons for that, we will continue to do what we do, we will continue to fight this fight…we will continue to reduce violent crime in the city of Detroit, regardless of what idle threats individuals might make.”

The department is investigating the threat, including looking at possible nearby surveillance video footage. Craig said the owner of the building has painted over the message.

“The coward that did this, just know, it’s a matter of time — we’ll find you,” Craig said.

Craig said that whomever tagged the message might be looking at felony terrorist threat charges.

“Cowards, cowards. There’s only one thing to say,” Craig said. “Not one of them would do the job that our men and women in blue would do. We run toward gunfire, they run away. They’re cowards, they hide behind their basements of their parents’ home in some instances.

“We’ll find them, we always do,” Craig said.

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  1. BobUSAFret says:

    Who is doing all the “oppressing” in Detroit?

    1. Robert Jones says:

      DPD is a well run police dept. Community relations are excellent. Any knucklehead can paint his screed on any open wall in the D. He doesn’t speak for the citizens.

  2. John Oakman says:

    The “chief” and his helpers look like someone from a banana republic with all that brass on dey hats—-oh, wait.

    1. Its called a class A uniform. Standard formal dress.

      1. GoldenRudy says:

        Even the new Obama US Military does not have a “five star” general. Let alone a dufus “four star” standing by waiting for the call for “more coffee”. Looks like the old “MoTown” needs to be “mowed down”.

  3. pull all the police out, set up a perimeter, wait 2 or 3 months, count the bodies

  4. suibne says:

    traitor in the white house. Low Retta only had one job….to destroy the American local police forces.

  5. Ken says:

    The Detroit Chief of Police is a 5-Star General? Really? With a 4-Star Assistant? No wonder the city is broke!

    1. 5 Stars like 5 Bugles on the Fire Chief. Officer ranking is pretty standard throughout the country.

  6. Chief Craig is not some gun grabbing idiot, he believes citizens should be armed. He also credits the reduction in crime not only to the police and their work, but to the actions of an involved and armed populace. People like him should be applauded, not insulted.

    1. Edward says:

      KUDOS to you SIR. You are absolutely correct. Unfortunately there are plenty of KNUCKELHEADS

  7. Craig is doing a outstanding job, but Detroit will not reverse its trend unless the residents rat out the criminal’s and the prosecutors office and Judges start doing their job.

    1. Edward says:

      The sooner the better. Drain The Swamp, get rid of all the rotting zombies. Make Detroit Great And Safe Again.

  8. Rick says:

    Sounds like robocop in real life

  9. If the police really wanted to kill black people, they’d just stop policing black neighborhoods.

    1. Edward says:

      The police, any of the police departments across the USA, don’t want to kill the black people. There are plenty of good honorable black officers that want to uphold the law and keep the citizens safe from crime. If it just so happens that the culprit is black so be it. There are plenty of white and Hispanic culprits, besides black, that likewise get shot by white and/or black or for that matter officers of all descriptions if/when they are caught and refuse to give up peacefully. They write their own epitaph. All Lives Matter but Soros chooses to fund the “Black Lives Matter” gangs.

  10. Fred Nik says:

    The vicious message of BLM.

  11. doug jensen says:

    Victim Nation will never stop demanding that the police let them do their crimes, because after all Obama has pointed out that their situation in life is not their fault, so any attempts by cops to stop them from taking what they want is racist.

    1. gavinwca says:

      How else are they to get money, if they can’t steal your stuff. They have a right to steal your stuff after all their great,great,great,great, grandmammy was a slave , and they still feel the chains of being restricted from stealing your stuff. It’s not right that you have stuff, and they arn’t allowed to steal your stuff, that’s racist.

  12. Joe Hart says:

    These are the same racists carrying signs that say kill whites.! Nobody should support him in any way. Kneeling for the anthem just shows you’re pro racist .!

  13. Van Oglesby says:

    Sounds like Black Lives Matters hard at work again. I sometimes wonder if George Soros feels he is getting his moneys worth.

  14. BuddS says:

    Blacks need their own nation. The black Detroit police department is enforcing the White man’s law. Blacks want nothing to do with Whites, other than collecting their White funded benefits.

  15. Michigan has always been a tough, miserable place to live.
    Detroit …. Is a special place … HOPE and a brighter, better tomorrow is not on the menu
    (My opinion)
    We need the Hope of a brighter, fairer tomorrow
    TRUMP 2016 …. As Farrakhan said to Obama, Let Trump try

  16. Peter Anastos says:

    This is the Obama/Hillary Regime. This is what you get when you elect crooked Black Plantation Slave Owners who promise you the moon. Truth is, Barack and Hillary HATE the police and want them all dead. Then what will you do for safety, you honest knee-grows?
    Get ready for Hillary and Barack to trash ALL your homes, the ask for your votes Dummies.

  17. Hal Halicon says:

    Kill all the black roaches scurrying around, feasting on the crumbs that used to be grand Detroit.

  18. Nostradamus says:

    Sooner or later, (because of the entitlement mindset and their emboldened nature) dindu’s will place themselves in open season. Stock up on 00 Buck.

    It will happen.

  19. Wharfplank1 says:

    Will Loretta use this to further Federalize DPD? Sure she will.

  20. Mike says:

    It’s time pull all of the cops out and let these Obama savages commit infanticide..

  21. gramatanbob says:

    The scope of cover up, malfeasance and corruption run by Hillary Clinton,The White House, FBI,CIA, DOJ, DOD, State Department, the entire global media industry, UN and most of the leaders of the world has no equal in all of our history. We are witnessing the ultimate attack on our foundational structures of law and order in America and across the world. Never before has one person incriminated, intimidated and castrated so many seats of power and order in world society. Looking back we will be aghast at how George Soros and the communist/Islamic axis of evil has plundered the very essence of our country. Disgraceful and putting us in threat for the future of our republic. This is now the greatest single assault on the constitutional sanctity and survival of every American to realize life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We are under siege economically, politically, socially, militarily, and morally. Most disturbing of all, this assault on our humanity is being done in the open with full consent of the powers that be as evidenced by the extraordinary revelations of the WIKI LEAKS communications and the complete acceptance of our destruction.

  22. Gangsterdave says:

    a bunch of animals.

  23. Mary Berg says:

    Anyone taking bets on WHO’S making the threats?? My $$ goes on the BLMer’s & their comrades.

    HATE is HATE, no matter the color of person these barbarians decide to make their targets.

    Ain’t liberalism & the Great Society just grand?!

  24. Wilder says:

    Stop patrolling their neighborhoods. Give it six months.

  25. Hal Slusher says:

    It never was about cops killing blacks just thugs running rampant

  26. What is the big deal. This is what a lot of the groups that support Hillary are for. After all she met with the Black lives matter group of cop killers before she made her speech in Cleveland. Really, if you like dead cops, cities burning, violent riots, a Presidential okay to kill people and giving up your first and second amendment rights then by all means Vote for HILLARY, that is what she stands for.!!!!

  27. JChesney says:

    I visited Detroit just once — in the mid-1980’s — and at that time I labeled it the armpit of the United States. It looks like it’s now the a**hole of the U.S. Detroit is a step by step “instruction manual” on how to take a once thriving, industrious city and reduce it to rubble.

    There are two books that should be mandatory reading for every single American: “1984” and my favorite “Atlas Shrugged”. It is surreal that we are living out those novels as we sit by and watch every single good thing in our lives be destroyed. Where is John Galt?

  28. Sal says:

    Since the police have received little support from Obama and others in power they should go on strike nationally for a week. The public would beg them to return.

  29. The Detroit Plan is an agreement between the cops and the people. The people want to grow, produce and manufacture hemp based fuel, fiber, food and medicine. They want to make some money. Here is the deal, End the War on the People for Pot and the crime will disappear. The cops will protect and be welcome by the people. Let all of the people grow, especially the folks who have been disenfranchised by the racist drug wars.
    This is a practical, doable solution and the only one that can work.
    This means an end to the Police War and an end to poverty.

  30. cleo48 says:

    I think it’s going to be only a matter of time before BLM will have to be infiltrated by the FBI. Soros has funded them to the tune of some 33 million. This is a paramilitary insurgency group who’s goal is police assassination. This organization needed to be declared a terrorist group months ago.

  31. bill says:

    I hope Trump has enough bricks left over to build a wall around Sorosville (aka Detroit). Gateless would be fine.

  32. aajaxx says:

    When you make yourself into an army of occupation, you have to expect to be a target.

  33. I’d love to see the police “jolt” the racist thugs by sitting in their cars with the radio off, and letting the primates just kill each other for a while…

  34. ernaldo says:

    When it becomes risk free, I may begin killing thug negros as sport. You rump swabs have NO idea what you’re bringing on….

  35. From the most functional, productive city in the country to a city that almost makes Atlanta look good, in only 2 generations.

  36. The DNC is busted with spray can in the hands. Encouraging Violence against cops and then praising BLM in an attempt to capture the black vote for HRC

  37. Robert Jones says:

    It’s astounding you don’t find this on freep or detnews. I live in the D, and this story is nowhere to be found in the local rags. Shame.

  38. Pat Henry says:

    The fema camps are waiting!

  39. Rich says:

    You reap what you sow oh man in blue.

  40. Bill Daniels says:

    All this turmoil leads to Soros pumping millions into the fray. Throw the ugly toad out of the US.

  41. bill smith says:

    Democrats Busted On Camera Stuffing Ballot Boxes at you tube watch it copy it spread it

  42. bill smith says: democrats all over the nation are stuffing ballots

  43. John Gray says:

    All this is getting pulled into the muck of nasty racism. White conservatives: disprove the Leftist garbage and stand behind this honorable black public servant. And the many more in the country like him. Let’s see who the real racists are.