By Mickie McLeod
CBS 62/CW50 Intern

It may not have been as big of a battle between the Cubs and the Indians, but boy was this episode a Series!

Reward Challenge

The World Series wasn’t the only thing on T.V that had balls flying.

In this Reward Challenge, there were a series of tasks that had to be completed with unwinding balls, throwing balls, and balancing balls.  The first tribe to complete their challenge would be rewarded with a BBQ feast of meats and cheesecake.

The steaks were high, and the cheesecake.

After the intensity, it was ultimately the Purple tribe who had come in last, therefore not receiving anything.

Purple Tribe

After last Tribal of voting out Figgy, Taylor is upset, (obviously).  He explains his frustration towards other Millennial, Adam, for flipping his vote.  Adam gets all intimidated or something and ends up apologizing for making Taylor feel a certain way (?). Taylor now doesn’t trust Adam and says he will “destroy him later on,” whatever that means.

Meanwhile, Gen. X Jess and Ken are figuring out whether they want to continue with Adam or go forward with Taylor later on in the game.  Jess and Ken seem to be in a comfortable spot during their game.

Orange Tribe

With a feast waiting for them at camp, the four all chow down on a BBQ of meat and cheesecake. Zeke, David, and Chris look like cavemen eating away while Michelle is using a fork and knife, eating like a lady.  Michelle gets grossed out by how they’re eating and says she will keep her manners.

My question is, did she forget where she was?  Michelle: you live on an island, you shit in the forest, and you sleep on a stack of bamboo.  Who really has manners on Survivor? When you get the opportunity to eat, YOU CHOW DOWN.

Other than the BBQ, the only thing that you need to know is that David and Zeke are now BFF’s as David reveals his hidden Immunity Idol to Zeke.  Zeke is super stoked.

Green Tribe

Meanwhile, at the Green tribe, Millennial, Hannah says she wants the tribe to feel more “united.” There are currently four Millennials, Hannah, Jay Will and Michaela.  The other two members are Gen. X’s are Sunday and Bret.

At camp, Michaela is making jokes about how she is strong and is trying to convince her tribe to be strong as well.  Meanwhile, the rest of the Millennials are a bit suspicious of Bret.  Bret is lying to the Millennials about being a Cop.  Bret tells the Millennials that he is a Funeral Director.  The Millennials know he is lying and this creates tension.

Immunity Challenge

The Immunity Challenge results were surprising this episode.

The challenge consisted of each tribe throwing coconuts into a basket. Once the basket was heavy enough, it would release a key.  After the key was released, each tribe would take their key and solve a code in order to access a slingshot. With the slingshot, each tribe would then knock down five posts with their original coconuts. The first two tribes to knock down their five posts, win Immunity and would not be sent to Tribal Council.

The tribes were all neck, neck, and neck.  It was a surprising result, in the end, as Michaela could not (for once) win for the tribe and the Green Tribe was sent to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council

After the challenge, the whole tribe was silent.  Because of the numbers, the two Gen. X’s Sunday and Bret had already figured that one of them would be voted out.  The four Millennials all got together and Michaela put a focus on Bret.  Due to Bret’s lying earlier on, the Millennials were pretty confident with this decision, besides one person.

If you’ve been keeping up with my recaps, you would know that Michaela is my favorite Millennial.  However, I think Jay took her spot tonight.  During the episode I LIVE Tweeted:

“@mick_cloudy: Who’s watching #SurvivorMillennialsVsGenX ? I love Michaela too much; I’m just waiting for someone to notice how much of a threat she is…”

In the end, Jay did the one and only #BlindSide on Michaela.  Jay realized how smart Michaela was and determined to convince Will, Sunday and Bret to all write her name down at Tribal.

The reaction was priceless. A big “WHAT” and a staredown had occurred between Jay and Michaela. Michaela was completely shocked and pissed.  If you haven’t seen it, you can watch the episode on this weekend.

Although Michaela was one of my favorites, I’m very impressed with Jay’s decision on flipping.  I hate that she’s gone, but I love that Jay made a bold move before the merge. How did you react to the vote? Was it bittersweet for you too?

You can watch this season of Survivor, Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Mickie McLeod is a Livonia, MI native.  She’s majoring in Communication Studies at Wayne State University.  Mickie has been a Survivor fan since 2000.  Follow @mick_cloudy for live tweets about Survivor and look for her recaps every Thursday morning. 


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