YPSILANTI (CBS Detroit) Shouts including “Move your fat a** so we can vote!” can be heard on a cell phone video shot in a precinct parking lot after a man and woman allegedly got into a physical altercation.

One supported Donald Trump, the other supported Hillary Clinton, outsiders got involved and that somehow devolved into a shoving match, and then the police were called. It happened at the Moose Lodge, 5506 Stony Creek Road in Ypsilanti Township.

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Moose Lodge staffer Kim Cole said some people in line got into it and the crowd got loud, but no one was physically hurt.

“The cops went flying by me, the one poll lady said a guy and girl, a white couple, got into an altercation with a black gentleman and some pushing and stuff started, you know how people get,” she said, adding the police “were here like Johnny on the spot.”

A woman was reportedly shoved by a man while others shouted.

The altercation was obviously ugly judging by the aftermath video where onlookers call a woman a “pig.” “You don’t got a right to block traffic,” one says.

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At one point, someone reportedly started spitting on people.

“These folks is tripping” the videographer David Irvin says.

[View video obtained by TMZ at this link **Caution: Contains profanity and slurs**]. 

He told MLive a few people started chanting “black lives matter.”

The Ypsilanti Township resident was volunteering in the parking lot to help direct traffic when he saw the commotion. Irvin told MLive it was embarrassing.

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“To me, it’s a little ridiculous, you’re not even supposed to ask people who they’re voting for,” Cole said. “I’ve never in my life, and I’m almost 50, seen someone go at it at the voting poll. It was just opinions going against other at first, but with this year’s election …”