DETROIT (WWJ) – United Auto Workers president Dennis Williams says he’s prepared to meet with President-elect Donald Trump to talk trade.

Speaking to WWJ’s Jeff Gilbert and other reporters on Thursday, Williams said he and the leadership of the UAW were surprised by the election.

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“They feel that UAW members voted on issues — particularly trade — more so than voting for Donald Trump,” Glibert reported from the union’s Solidarity House headquarters in Detroit.

Williams said he likes the idea of a 35 percent tariff on imports from Mexico and agrees that the North American Free Trade Agreement has to be changed.

He does not believe Trump has a fight with organized labor.

“I’m prepared to sit down and talk to him about trade,” Williams said. “I mean, NAFTA is a problem, and I’ve said that way before this election started, way before the candidates were selected. I is a huge problem to the American people.”

While surveys in late in the campaign showed about 32 percent of UAW members voted for Trump, Williams believe that number is actually a little low. He said the union is planning a post-election survey to find out.

“Our membership are individuals,” Williams said. “Just because the leadership says something it’s not automatic, and anybody who thinks that is pretty damn naive.”

“I may not agree with how people voted, but I understand their anger,” he added.

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Williams said he believed Hillary Clinton has some good ideas but lost due to the mood of the country.