By Tom Bogert
Here’s a fun sentence that the average person never figured they’d read: drink a pint or two a beer a day and help prevent a stroke.

Wait, what?

According to a study of 80,000 people conducted by Pennsylvania State University, via Telegraph, researchers have found that ‘a pint or two a day could help reduce the risk of having a stroke or developing cardiovascular disease.’

Whilst using ambiguous language, it’s still enough to equivocate for consuming the ale.

The research maintained that moderate daily alcohol intake, specifically beer, helps slow the decline of ‘good cholesterol’ and it was more evident in those having a moderate intake of booze rather than none at all.

Beyond that, Telegraph found some other surprising health benefits of moderate intake of beer.


  • … lowers risk of kidney stones
  • … protects from heart attacks
  • … reduces the risk of strokes
  • … strengthens bones
  • … decreases chance of diabetes
  • … reduces risk of Alzheimer’s
  • … can cure insomnia
  • … can stop cataracts
  • … might cure cancer
  • … could help lose weight

As always, though, these are the benefits it can have in moderation. Most of us don’t consume in moderation.


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