Everyone has that person on their Christmas list … The one who already has everything. Short of wrapping up a Lexus in a gift bow, there’s no way to wow them.

But maybe there is a way to impress them, with an “out of the box” gift that blows them away with both its thoughtfulness and uniqueness.

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Consider these:

Cell Help

  • Cell phone case that never lets you lose your keys! Admit it, you almost always have your cell phone in proximity, but your keys? Sometimes, they’re an effort to locate. Now, there are a variety of key finders that tether your keys to your phone, so as long as you have one you have the other. Check some of them out HERE.

Have A Drink … Or Seven

  • Everyone has a terrible day sometimes. And wine makes terrible days better. Sometimes it takes a lot of wine. Check out this glass that attaches to a bottle of wine so a simple glass becomes a bottle. It’s called the ultimate wine bottle glass and it’s $17.99 on Amazon.

About That Bridge

  • No, you can’t buy someone the Brooklyn Bridge no matter what that guy told you. But you can buy a tiny plot of land in Ireland for $49.99. It’s one square foot and comes with a photo certificate of ownership. Get it HERE.

Angry Mama

  • No one likes a messy microwave,  but it makes Mama, especially, mad. Keep it clean the easy way with this handy dandy “angry mama microwave cleaner.” Fill her with vinegar and watch her scrub away for a mere $12.95. Buy it HERE.

Keep it Sweet

  • Everyone likes candy, it’s a universally great gift. Check out this 1960s classic retro candy gift box with a little bit of everything to satisfy a taste for sugar … and nostalgia. Check it out HERE.

Get Cheesy

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You scream, I scream, we all scream for … well, cheese, especially the rich, hearty kind that comes every month without fair. Sign up your gift recipient for this gourmet cheese of the month club for a one-time fee of $69.90. Get it HERE.

Keep It Clean

  • Quick, what’s the filthiest thing in your hand right  now? Wrong! It’s your cell phone. Study after study shows your phone is basically a piece of filth that you reach for over and over. Keep it clean with this awesome new phone soap that cleans and sanitizes your phone with UV light. Get it HERE.

A Swimmingly Great Gift

  • It’s cold outside. Stay warm and stylish with this mermaid tail that keeps you cozy on the couch.  It’s $44.95 and available in a variety of colors. See it HERE.
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