By Mickie McLeod
CBS 62/CW50 Intern

The Family Episode on Survivor is always so sweet, though I can’t help but always laugh at the way some family members gallop out of the woods.

The last episode was chaotic! Jess was voted out because of pulling the black rock, so she left her “Legacy Advantage” behind for Ken. On Day 36 (if Ken is still in the game) he will receive the mystery advantage for his game.

Reward Challenge – Family & Food

The Family Episode on Survivor is always very sweet.

Here are some quick thoughts I had on some family members:

– I agreed with Hannah & Zeke when they whispered that Ken and his brother are both great looking.

– I wondered if David’s Dad bought new Levi Jeans just for the show (super crisp looking).

– Will’s Momma has a fresh, new manicure.

– Zeke and his Dad were by far the sweetest.

The Reward Challenge this episode was for a BBQ with your loved one. Before the challenge starts, Adam claims that he won’t use his reward-advantage after the challenge is done (stealing someone else’s reward).

The challenge had me laughing.  Each member is competing in a series of obstacles where their loved one is cheering them on the whole way.  At one point, Adam gets stuck in the sand and gives up, while Zeke’s shorts are flopping down through the obstacles.  I guess I’d do anything for love too.

In the end, it was Jay who won this reward for him and his sister.  As always, Jeff Probst tells Jay to pick another member to enjoy the reward, along with two others and their loved ones as well.  Jay chooses Will, Sunday and… Adam?

Jay explains that even though they’ve had their disagreements in the past, he respects Adam for not using his advantage at this challenge.  This was also a very sweet moment because we know that Adam’s mother at home has cancer.  The other tribe members don’t know this.

At the reward, we see another very sweet moment between Adam and his brother about his mom’s cancer and how it’s the reason Adam is playing this game.  At the end of the reward, Adam gives Jay his “Reward Advantage” as a thank you.

Individual Immunity Challenge

The Immunity Challenge this week was as usual, about strength.  The members fought and it came down to Adam and Jay.  It was surprisingly Adam who won this Immunity Challenge and was extremely proud.

Tribal Council

Before Tribal, high school kid Will is the center of attention.  Will brings attention to David and explains how he wants to make a big move and flip on Zeke. Zeke has a core of five, which included Will.  David has his core of four, himself, Hannah, Ken, and Adam.

Because of his hesitation of Will, Ken pulls him aside. Will is intimidated by Ken, as he Survivor-style interrogates the young high school soul. Ken retrieves information out of Will.  Will tells him that Zeke and the core may write his name down at Tribal.  Ken approaches Zeke, Jay, Sunday and Brett with the information and throws Will under the bus.

From the looks of it, the vote is up in the air at this point.  Will wasn’t happy with Ken confronting the Zeke core and he debates whether to vote out Zeke.  Because Ken knows the information about his name being written down, the Zeke core agrees to blindside Hannah instead.  Which side will Will choose?

At Tribal, Adam plays his Hidden Immunity Idol (that we all forgot he also had).  He feels confident and uses the Idol on Hannah.  In the end, it didn’t matter if Adam played his idol to save Hannah because Will decided to flip on Zeke.  Zeke was voted out and is now the next member of the Jury.

How do you feel about Zeke being voted out? I thought he was one of the best players all season, but he was obviously too big of a threat. I hope we see him be brought back to an All-Star Survivor season in the future.

Who do you think will win?  I’m still with my favorite from the very beginning, Ken!  We’ll see, it really could be anyone’s game!

You can watch this season of Survivor, Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.


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