By Mickie McLeod
CBS 62/CW50 Intern

Not one, but two castaways are voted off and sent to the Jury.  Next week is the two-hour season finale! Who will Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast and be crowned, the Sole Survivor?

It’s the second to last week! I can’t believe this season of Millennials Vs. Gen. X is almost over.  Eight tribe members are left, who do you think has the best shot at winning?

Jay – Millennial
Will – Millennial
Hannah – Millennial
Adam – Millennial

Brett – Gen. X
Sunday – Gen. X
Dave – Gen. X
Ken – Gen. X

The game is straight even, half and half of Millennials and Gen. Xs. During this episode, there are two Tribal Councils and two members are voted out!

First Immunity Challenge

The first Immunity Challenge contained a series of balancing and maneuvering. Each phase consisted of different levels of difficulty.  At one point in the challenge, the members had to individually balance their bar through a maze of weird, bent metal — shout out to CBS’s welders!

At the end of this Immunity Challenge, it was Jay who accomplished the balancing acts and worked the hardest at the last obstacle. Jay was given the Immunity and certainly earned it.

First Tribal Council

Before the first Tribal, a lot of thoughts were in the air.  From the last power vote, Millennial Will (also known as the High School kid) was feeling powerful and confident.  Will wanted to call the shots and make a big move on voting Dave out.

Adam saw right through Will’s game, however.  Adam noticed Will’s strategy and how big of a threat he was.  Adam then transfers over to Brett and Sunday (the inseparable duo) and discusses his concern on Will.  At this point, it’s either Dave or Will getting voted out.

At Tribal, it was clear to see who will make big moves and who was just a “goat.”   As discussed at Tribal, in Survivor, whoever makes the biggest strategic moves in the game has a higher chance of getting recognition by the Jury, who ultimately decide the Sole Survivor.  On the other hand, the more moves one makes, the bigger the threat and the higher the chance that member’s name will be written down during Tribal.  If a member does not make any moves and follows along the whole time, this member is considered a “goat” and is just someone to easily beat during the end of the game.

Who are the goats and who are making the big moves?

Because of the target on his back and the concern of him being a threat, Will was voted out and was the next member of the Jury.  It’s amazing how Will is only 18 years old and skipped his Senior Year to play the game.  Although his confidence got to him, I think he played pretty great.

Second Half

Second Immunity Challenge

The second Immunity Challenge seemed like a fun one!  In this challenge, the members had to solve a puzzle, all within watching their timer as well.  Their timer was a ball dropping from a peg post.  If the ball fell, it would take time away from solving their puzzle.  The first member who solved their puzzle won the Immunity.

After the split focus challenge, it was Ken who was in the lead, followed by Dave. Adam makes notice that Dave is a bigger threat in the game than Ken, and he decides to help Ken win this Immunity. Although the challenge may sound confusing, it was certainly entertaining to watch! You can watch the full episode on

With some help, Ken won the Immunity Challenge.  I’m not upset about him winning.  I still have a good feeling about Ken’s game.

Second Tribal Council

Before Tribal Council, Adam makes sure he tells Jay to use his Idol.  Why is he telling him this?  Is Adam helping him out, or does he just want Jay’s hidden Idol to be used and flushed out of the entire game?  The two seem to have a Yin-yang relationship.  One minute they hate each other, and the next, they’re buddies.  During this episode, it brought tears to my eyes as Adam finally shares his personal story about his mother having cancer with Jay.  The moment was very sweet.

At Tribal, it was uncertain who would be voted out.  Dave’s name was on the “chopping block” and so was Jay’s (so he thought). Because of his uncertainty, Jay played his Idol to save himself from being voted out.  Jay’s use of his Idol didn’t matter anyway because he only received one vote, which was from Sunday.  It was ultimately Hannah and Adam who voted with Ken and Dave that determined the vote at this Tribal. These four blindsided the “goat” and Sunday was surprisingly voted out.

It was nice to see the remaining members working hard and not taking the easy way to the final three.  In past seasons, I’ve seen members take the “goat” the entire way and their credibility was diminished. Sunday was truly a “goat” in this season. It’s no fun watching the goat sitting in the end.  These six members all earned their spot.  Some members may be stronger than others, but I’m content with the final six!

Who do you think will be crowned the Sole Survivor?  As always, I’m still sticking with Ken.  My mom thinks he’s considered a “goat.” What do you think?  Is Ken a “goat?”  I’ll only agree if he doesn’t make a big move next episode.  However, he still has Jess’ mystery legacy advantage, and who knows what that’ll bring!

My opinion:  Jay, Adam, and Dave are clearly on top.  Brett and Hannah have no chance at winning, and Ken is the wildcard that could win it all!  You can tweet me @mick_cloudy with your opinions; I want to hear them!

Make sure you watch the 2-Hour SEASON FINALE of Survivor: Millennials Vs. Gen. X Wednesday, 12/14 at 8 p.m ET on CBS!


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