LIVONIA (WWJ) — In a 5-2 vote, the Livonia Public Schools Board of Education voted to close two elementary schools.

The vote was held Monday night, when the board agreed to close Cass Elementary and Garfield Elementary. The board continues deliberating the relocation of Western Wayne Skill Center, a county program for special needs students ages 18 to 26.

The plan would be for both elementary schools to close at the end of the school year.

The vote was something that brought a crowd of parents, who were not so happy about the decision.

“It was just a year or two years ago they came to us and asked us for more money for school updates,” one parent said.  “Now you turn around and want to close our school? It doesn’t make sense.”

Garfield students will relocate to Randolph and Kennedy, while Cass students will go to Buchanan and Hoover, according to The Detroit News.

The building closures would save the district several million dollars. The Livonia school district has lost nearly 1,500 students since it began planning bond projects five years ago.


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