After a torrid presidential contest that saw Michigan front and center in the home stretch as Donald Trump prevailed, things are going to be even more interesting for the region in 2017.

That according to Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel, who talked how voters in his county were a deciding factor in the outcome of the presidential contest.

Trump won Michigan — the first time a Republican has carried the Great Lakes State since 1988.

Hackel appeared with Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, business executive Denise Ilitch and Host Carol Cain as they vetted topics that impacted the region the past year and will be vital going forward.

Both Patterson and Ilitch, a regent at the University of Michigan, both won re-election in November.

Patterson talked about the pending move of the Detroit Pistons from Auburn Hills to Detroit where they will share an arena with the Red Wings.

Unlike the Silverdome which hasn’t found much life since the Detroit Lions moved to Detroit years ago, Patterson expects the Palace location to be sought after by developers.

Ilitch discussed Trump’s surprise nomination of of Grand Rapids business woman Betsy DeVos as his Education Secretary which will need to be approved. With DeVos’ focus on charter schools, Ilitch questioned how she could be a champion for public schools.

The roundtable agreed that the top story of 2016 was Trump’s historic win.

But when it came to predictions on which would be the top story of 2017 — there was disagreement .

You can hear the conversation by watching “Michigan Matters” 11:30 Sunday on CBS 62.


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