SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) — A metro Detroit gun range is opting to not sell ammunition out the door on New Year’s Eve in an effort to discourage celebratory gun fire to ring in the new year.

William Kucyk, owner of Action Impact Firearm Stores in Southfield and Eastpointe, said the range will sell ammunition for gun range use only, while providing free range time.

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“If you feel the need to shoot on New Year’s Eve come do it in a safe environment, I’m not even going to charge you for the range time so you really have no excuse,” Kucyk said.

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Kucyk said the range loses $5,000 every New Year’s Eve because of the policy, but he says it’s worth it.

“I think if people see that I’ve taken that stance, I’m hoping that encourages them to discourage anybody,” Kucyk said. “If they’re at a New Year’s Eve party and somebody brings a gun out you have two problems — they don’t know where the bullets are going and 90 percent of the time the person holding the gun is intoxicated. And with those two things nothing but bad results are going to occur.”

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Kucyk said that they take special care to make sure no one leaves the range with any ammunition.