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On a cold morning in Roseville, resident Nick Taylor, 24, drove up to his girlfriend’s house and ran inside to pick her up with her two-year-old son.

He left his car running in the driveway. Instead of returning to a warm vehicle, he got a costly reminder in the form of a $128 ticket on the windshield from Roseville for leaving a vehicle unattended.

“I was there for maybe seven or eight minutes before I noticed the ticket,” said Taylor, adding that he was dropping off diapers.

He ranted about it on Facebook, blaming the dip*** police for not just knocking on the door and telling him to turn off his car, and his post drew thousands of shares and angry comments, many of them on his side.

Police stand by the ticket.

“I encourage our officers to write this ticket,” said Roseville Police Chief James Berlin, citing car theft as public safety concern.

(used with permission)

(used with permission)

“All it takes is someone to hop in this car and take off. Then there’s a chase often at a high rate of speed and all that could have been prevented,” Chief Berlin added, saying a remote starter includes safeguards against theft.

The Facebook post scolding Roseville Police Department for what he thought was a waste of resources has stirred a debate about the use of police time and the risks to the community.

Taylor posted a photo of the ticket with a stinging comment toward the officer involved. “Let’s all take a moment to thank officer dips**t K. Keary for wasting the taxpayer’s money and giving me a ticket for warming up my car in my own damn driveway.”

Now he says he regrets personally slamming officer Keary. Taylor explains, “I was upset. I appreciate what they do, but don’t they have better things to do?”

Even though it’s easy to change what he wrote on Facebook, he doesn’t want to because it’s getting so much attention — most of it positive. Taylor said lawyers have offered to represent him after seeing the trending post.

Did the cops have an ax to grind with him? “No history whatsoever,” said Taylor about any past run-ins with Roseville PD.

He said he plans to fight the ticket, although after what he wrote about local cops, it’s hard to believe a judge would cast a kind eye on his plea.


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  1. live n learn! he might of saved your car from being stolen! wtg officer KEARY!

    1. Ken Nelson says:

      I warm up my car with the doors locked, so your argument has no basis. Police overreach. We are not a free people. Not anymore anyway.

    2. No! The cop overstep his boundary. why should we lose our privacy no matter how stupid it is, so a cop can protect ours when we didn’t ask? If his car was stolen it should be on the person who stole it, then the cop should go after the thief . This is a case of the cop punishing the potential victim instead of doing their real job and being public servants not masters. Smdh I support some cops not these kinds though. They need to know their place if they want the respect they truly work for. The kids was justify on his post, it wasn;t even that harsh. However the Cheif himself telling the kid to drop dead tell me maybe he should have a demotion if he can’t be professional and mature.

  2. Whats the logic behind jumping to the conclusion someone would 1.) steal his car, 2.) it becomes a high speed pursuit!?

    Common sense says =if= the officer was truly concerned for the owner or vehicle, he should have simply knocked on the door to inform the owner.

    Sounds suspiciously like an officer wanting to fulfill a ticket quota.

  3. Kersie Kemp says:

    So you have two fobs. One locks your car.

  4. the law or ordinance is in place for a reason, however $128 is total BS. What happened to $50 tickets???

  5. Leaving a car running in the driveway of a private residence should not be a ticketable offense. Things like this erode respect for police everywhere.

  6. Will Jamison says:

    What’s next, cops walking up and checking your front door to make sure it’s locked? I would bet you that police who take their cars home at night break this law all the time because they are “special”. Stay the F out of my life. Put a ticket on my car and I’ll be out there to tell you what a pig you are and any other way I can think of to ruin your whole f’ing morning.

  7. Justin Czech says:

    Question… Did the officer (while writing the ticket), step away from his vehicle, with the keys in the ignition, and cruiser running. While I don’t live in MI — I see this everywhere I go. Whether the officer is parked in front of Walmart, or the gas station etc… What’s stopping a madman from hopping in the cruiser, and taking off?

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