DETROIT (WWJ) – Police say a man who shot and wounded a suspected armed-robber at a west side carry-out acted in self-defense.

Saturday evening a man armed with a weapon walked into the E & S Shrimp Hut on McNichols Road and Snowden in Detroit and ordered customers inside to hand over their cash.

At that point one of the victims reacted, pulling out his gun and shooting the suspect in his stomach.

Investigators say the victim-turned-hero is licensed to carry a concealed pistol and that the man acted in self-defense.

There’s no word on the condition of the accused robber.

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  1. vonzorch says:

    With sane people someone caught in the act of a crime is not a suspect but a perpetrator. You might invest in sending your reporters back to school.

  2. Barry Hirsh says:

    It should be mandatory for each and every one of these types o defensive gun uses to be sent to Bloomberg, Everytown for Gun Safety and the Brady Bunch, with the demand that they report on them. They should HAVE to.

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