DETROIT (CBS DETROIT) – Apparently, Betsy DeVos is not responsible for the content of her Twitter feed because DeVos quickly backed away from a tweet containing grammatical errors on her account.

DeVos,  a member of the billionaire Michigan-based Devos family who was picked by President Donald Trump to become his education secretary, blamed a staffer for the gaffe.

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devos-correctionA post to Facebook showing a tweet by DeVos — with grammatical corrections — was shared by thousands.

“Apologies for the earlier error, everyone. Proof our staff members are only human! Smile,” read the  tweet.

DeVos has been under intense public scrutiny for her stance pitting public schooling against charter schools in Michigan — particularly in the Detroit school system which has suffered greatly under emergency managers and a city bankruptcy.

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Many believed her Senate confirmation hearings were brutal, especially the parts where she seemed to reveal a lack of knowledge about federal education programs and policies.

So, is Trump still totally behind his candidate? The Washington Post noted that “shortly after Donald Trump took the oath of office and become the 45th president of the United States on Jan. 20, he signed a series of executive orders, many of them formal nominations for his Cabinet and other positions.
One by one, Trump signed nomination papers, frequently — though not always — making a comment about the person he had tapped for a specific job.

For Betsy DeVos, he reportedly said, while looking around: “Ah, Betsy. Education. Right?””

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