(WWJ) There were more than 185 reports to the American Meteor Society about a giant green fireball streaking across the night sky last night and into Lake Michigan.

The sight was reported by eagle-eyed spotters in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, New York, Ontario, Kentucky and Minnesota.

It happened at about 1:27 a.m. Monday, Central Standard Time, and almost 200 reports of the fireball came into the Society’s phone banks overnight.

Based on the witnesses they’ve already gathered, the society believes it was a fiery meteor that traveled from the southwest to northeast ended its flight on the Lake Michigan somewhere between Sheboygan, Wisc., and Manitowoc, Wisc.

The American Meteor Society’s Mike Hankey says it was a much bigger than your typical meteor.

“That’s why it’s so bright and so many people see it,” he told WWJ’s Dave Ramos. “It’ll even make a sonic boom for some people that are close to it. And this one actually survived passage through the atmosphere and landed on Earth.”

Specifically, right into Lake Michigan.

Hankey said Doppler weather radar actually picked up a massive plume of smoke from the space rock’s plunge into the drink.

The fireball was also caught on dashcams and by National Weather Service video.

According to Fox 6 in Milwaukee, Wisc., “one witness in the Oshkosh area says it shook their building.”

The Oshkosh Police Department confirmed they had received several reports of a loud boom, the station added, and one officer said he saw a streak of light just east of the city.

The society is asking all witnesses to fill out an official fireball report on their website HERE.

They’re especially interested in anyone who was able to capture video or a photo of the event.

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  1. Roy Barnett says:

    I hope that wasn’t Kryptonite…

  2. Lee Kalkofen says:

    Take me to your Leader (hehehe)