TROY (WWJ) – A remorseful thief decided not go through with a crime at an Oakland County mall.

Police say it happened Saturday on the south side of Somerset Collection, on Big Beaver Rd. in Troy.

An 18-year-old Detroit man entered the Neiman Marcus department store with an accomplice, at around 5:30 p.m., and both began walking out with nearly $300 in merchandise they didn’t pay for.

“Loss prevention was actively following him,” said Troy Police Sgt. Meghan Lehman. “As the young man was leaving the store, he decided he did not want to go through with stealing the items. He turned back around, turned the items back over to loss prevention, and told them he was sorry.”

“This does not happen very often,” she added.

The young man was arrested by police at the scene, and faces a charge of retail fraud – second degree. Lehman said she’s sure his change of heart will help when a judge determines his punishment.

“Even though this young man made the wrong decision in the first place, trying to backtrack and redo the decision and do the right thing was a good thing,” Lehman added. “But we hope that people will make the right decision right to begin with.”

The second suspect, who got away, remained at large on Thursday. Loss prevention was not able to provide a description to police.

  1. Amazing! I hope all goes well for him! I too had a change of heart years after stealing from stores – went back and confessed to the store managers and made restitution as much as I could.

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