(WWJ) HAZEL PARK —  Hazel Park High School is taking steps to prevent a repeat of what unfolded at a recent boys’ basketball game.

Last week’s game against rival North Farmington was stopped with 1:13 left to play after a Hazel Park student threw a plastic bottle onto the court from the stands. Parents and students angrily descended onto the court, in total chaos.

See the video HERE on WXYZ.

The Hazel Park athletic director was ejected earlier in the game for a kerfuffle with a referee.

Now, extra security will be on hand for home games.

Supt. Dr. Amy Kruppe says some of the adults’ behavior got out of hand last week, including a referee who bumped the scorekeeper with his chest–prompting people to spill onto the court.

“Our athletic director had the other team escorted out of the locker room,” Kruppe said. “We’ve had this at several football games as well. If there seems to be a little bit of banter going on and we had their bus moved to make sure they felt comfortable walking out of the locker room.”

Kruppe says parent and student fans are being reminded about proper behavior in the stands.

“I think it’s important, this is all about children, the schools are, and the game is about children growing and certainly while basketball is a very competitive sport we don’t condone any of the actions that took place and we certainly want to make sure that our children are great examples in the stands,” Kruppe added.

As for video that showed a game official shoving the scorekeeper, Kruppe says discipline on that matter is up to the MHSAA.

“We’ve sent out to all our parents and students the expectations of behavior, and what will happen — That they have certain behaviors in the stands, for parents and students,” Kruppe said.


  1. Vifor Vend says:

    Can someone ask why the athletic director of this program, who is suppose to be the pillar of sportsmanship in this community is on the court and verbally assaulting these referees?

    Can we also ask why from the top down, Superintendent, Athletic Director and head basketball coach directly point the fingers at the referees and not the actions of the adults involved?

    Or….Point the finger in the mirror for mistakes THEY are making.

    Can someone ask Dr. Kruppe who let go of the liaison police officer prior to this event who would have been able to diffuse this situation?

    Or why there is a parent ON THE COURT who gets in the face of an official and having this parent who is also the announcer confront him over the calls being made on the court.

    Dr. Kruppe is still blaming the officials for this incident that occurred and not holding herself and the athletic director accountable for the actions that were portrayed.

    Dr. Kruppe was on television quoted saying that everyone has “bad days”, well respectfully ma’am you would be the most qualified person on knowing about bad days.

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