LANSING (WWJ) – A hearing in Lansing Tuesday pitting energy customers against DTE Energy and Consumers Energy’s evolving technology.

They weren’t there to complain about the meters or the fees being imposed on those who don’t want them, instead the group of about 50 gathered before the Energy Committee to address questions of Smart Meters being installed residential homes.

WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick says people in the audience said it’s an invasion of privacy to have these meters installed, stating the utilities can monitor all of their electrical items in their homes.

A spokesperson for DTE Energy said people are getting this information from the internet and it is wrong. The only thing the meters can do is save money for the customers and only monitor the electric usage in the house — but protesters disagreed and where not satisfied with DTE’s explanation.

Another hearing is expected to be held next month.

  1. Save money my butt…… my bill went up over $100 a month when that thing got put on my house. I told them I want the old one back and they said they aren’t doing it anymore. Well I found out that it is legal to buy your own analog meter and have it installed. They have to read it….. or they lose. I’ll pay the $9.00 a month for the reading…..

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