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Back in 2011, when Dan and Davide Uccello were just 24 and 19, respectively, the young brothers took a loan from their father in order to start a business. They asked for $500,000, and in just five short years, Dan and Davide have turned that startup money into a six million dollar company that employs 200 people.

The award-winning Flo’s Pizzeria Ristorante & Sports Bar is the real deal. The establishment offers an expansive variety of Italian and American foods that are made from scratch. “Our slogan is ‘You’ve tried the rest, now eat the best,’ and we really mean that. Every dish from a small appetizer to a complex entree is very much thought through, to every last detail including presentation. We do not cut corners.”

Davide was kind enough to offer some candid insight on the struggles and ultimately the joys of owning his own business.


“Because of the rebate programs DTE Energy offers,
we’re saving an estimate of 20 percent each month.”


Can you tell us about your business? What separates your place from the rest?

“We are a full service tri-concept Italian Restaurant. We are a pizzeria. Whether it’s pizza or any of the other great products that we offer, our pizzeria is designed so you can pick up food without going through the rest of our establishment, providing a solution to lunch or dinner when you don’t want to dine in. We are a ristorante, which offers a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere so you can enjoy a romantic dinner or bring in the family for a true Italian cuisine experience. And, we are a sports bar, which has a sports-themed, family-friendly atmosphere so you can enjoy exceptional Italian and American cuisine and drinks for lunch or dinner.”


What motivated you to start your business? What do you enjoy most about being a business owner?

“My motivation was the people who denied our business plan, the banks, the city, etc. People did not think we could do it, and we proved them wrong. The best thing about being a business owner is knowing that you are changing lives, whether it’s an employee, who is making money and putting food on the table, or a customer, who has never tasted authentic Italian food like ours. I enjoy both of those aspects; being able to provide people with jobs and also being able to wow people from the moment they walk through the door.”


As a DTE Energy customer, what has the company been able to do for your business?

“Being a DTE customer has provided us with many benefits. They work hard every day to make sure that we use less and less gas by giving us tips on how to save energy. We have upgraded many pieces of equipment to more efficient ones. The motivation for that was the rebate programs that DTE Energy offers. They made it very affordable. Because of the rebate programs DTE Energy offers, we’re saving an estimate of 20 percent each month. Things are better now because I am able to save money and put that money into my employees’ pockets and also lower menu pricing for our customers.”


Support a local Detroit business and your fellow business owner:

Flo’s Pizzeria Ristorante & Sports Bar
Phone: 616-785-1001
Email: media@flossportsbar.com
Two locations
Website: www.floscollectionmi.com


For more tips and inspiration for small business owners,
visit CBS Small Business Pulse Detroit.


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