DETROIT (CBS Detroit) – The discovery of seven Earth-sized planets has NASA scientists buzzing that several could possibly sustain life.

The cluster of planets is 40 light-years away in the constellation known as Aquarius.

John French with Abrams Planetarium in East Lansing says they are in the area known as the habitable zone.

“Which really just means the temperatures in that area or that distance from the star are in the right temperature that water would be liquid if it was there – to get it in the right temperature – where there’s liquid water – means that there’s a better chance that life could exist,” said French.

He says 40 light-years is much farther than any technology we have to travel — but what it could mean is that if we sent a radio signal to them, it would take 40 years for that signal to get there.

“One of the big questions that we have — are we alone in this universe, is there life out there, and the exciting thing for scientists is that this solar system that’s been discovered – is going to be easy for us to kind of observe that place and perhaps find out if there is other life there,” added French.

And it could prove life on other planets.


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