INKSTER (WWJ) – An Inkster motel and party store has been shut down for code violations and what police describe as “filthy,” unlivable conditions.

Police Chief William T. Riley says the city has spent over $100,000 in police runs to the Michigan Motel on Michigan Ave, for things like domestic violence and drug overdoses. That’s much more, he says, than the city collects from the business in taxes.

On Monday, he told WWJ’s Sandra McNeill officers found evidence that residents have been living there long-term — some of them in absolute filth.

“When we’ve looked at some of these rooms, I mean, it looked like some of these people have been hoarders,” Riley said. “I mean, the clothes piled up on all four walls. It’s clear that some of these people have been here longer than the 30 days.”

Also attached to the motel is the “25 Hour” liquor store, which was also closed pending further investigation. Riley said the building has some fire code and wiring issues, which are a safety concern.

Riley says the city is working to find the residents, including two small children, a new home.

“We understand circumstances and everything,” he added. “We recognize that some people have fallen into bad economic times and they need a place to stay, and we understand that. But at the same time we want to make sure that the place that they are staying is actually suited for them and is actually safe for them. And we don’t want anybody taking advantage of these people…”

As motel occupants were removing their belongings, neighbor Valerie Mollard said she wasn’t exactly sad to see the place closed.

“This has always been a bad, bad area,” she told WWJ’s Jon Hewett. “Because, you know, drugs, muggings and all that stuff.”

Investigations into businesses with similar issues are ongoing.

“Basically, what we will be doing and continuing to do is we’re looking at a lot of businesses in the city of Inkster to make sure that, you know, that they’re proper,” the chief said. “That their licenses are proper, that the living areas are proper and that there’s no code violations, no fire violations — and this is just the beginning.”

Riley said federal authorities will be assisting with the investigation.


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