PLYMOUTH (AP) – A city official in metro Detroit has retired after being accused of posting anti-Muslim remarks on social media.

Linda Langmesser retired Friday after more than 25 years as Plymouth city clerk. City Manager Paul Sincock declined further comment. The city had been conducting an internal review.

Activists had accused Langmesser of writing Muslims “don’t tell the whole truth” in response to a recent story about a Muslim woman who resigned from President Donald Trump’s National Security Council.

Langmesser denied writing the online post and told WXYZ-TV that her Facebook account was hacked.

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  1. For someone to get fired or forced to resign over that is abhorrent. What is she had said the same thing but said Irish? Would it have caused a problem? I doubt it. This is the sad state of America when people are fired so easily when I made much worse mistakes at my job and was not fired. You are killing free speech and sanitizing language to a dangerous degree. Any of these “activists” are obviously not free speech. At the same time I’ve seen much nastier things said by Muslims online. Many also do not like our culture. I haven’t seen the newspapers reporting such hate. After all the years this teacher has worked in the school this is what she’s leaving for…her free speech to make a harmless comment people make all the time often generalizing while knowing it doesn’t apply to everyone.

    The fact is she’s right because we are being very politically infiltrated by Islam and that’s a fact. All these Muslim groups are all tied together and Obama even hired Muslim Brotherhood people. If you care about our freedoms and way of life, you don’t fire someone like this teacher. There *is* a lot of lying going on and it’s all very obvious and right in front of us as some of these groups outright their goal of Islam dominating.

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