By: Evan Jankens

Ohio State posted a video from their “Harley Davidson workout” over the weekend and it features an actual motorcycle. It’s a weird way to hold a practice … The video that OSU produced is essentially a bad White Snake video from 1987.

While it seems like just yesterday the college football season came to an end, right now a majority of big time college programs are holding their spring practices and The Ohio State University isn’t any different.

Only they’re doing it with Ric James-level flair. Hulk Hogan called, he wants some of his cheese back.

There is some takeaway from the video other than the knowledge Ohio State is even less subtle than haters knew before:

Ohio State still doesn’t like Michigan as they have the block M taped on their tackling dummies.

Michigan State’s logo is also on one of the dummies.

But here’s the rub: I don’t really understand why the coaching staff would be teaching their players to punch the dummy while it’s on the ground. The last time I checked, it’s illegal to throw a punch in a college football game.

Ohio State should know those rules since there have been multiple occasions when a player was ejected from a game for throwing punches — and that’s just against Michigan.


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