Carol Cain, Howard Dean and Ana Navarro (credit: Alexis Tesner/CBS 62)

By CBS Detroit

Former Vermont Governor and presidential candidate Howard Dean said news coverage out of Washington since Donald Trump took over as president is more about gossip than facts.

“I don’t think much is getting done,” said Dean during a taping of “Michigan Matters” which can be heard 11:30 Sunday on CBS 62.

He was in town to appear at MSU’s Michigan Political Leadership Program annual fundraising dinner along with Ana Navarro, GOP strategist and CNN commentator. Both politicos sat with “Michigan Matters” Senior Producer/Host Carol Cain.

Dean and Navarro also appeared on the MPLP stage at Laurel Manor which Cain moderated.

“I had one media person tell me, ‘there’s so much news, how can we cover it all?” said Dean, a regular on CNN. “I told him it’s more about gossip. Not facts.”

“I don’t think much is really getting done since he took office,” he added of Trump.

Navarro and Dean discussed how Trump successfully reached out to the middle class, folks who felt they have been left behind by Democrats and Republicans.

Michigan Democratic Party Chair Brandon Dillon and Lena Epstein, Co-Chair of the Michigan Trump campaign, with Carol Cain dissect the local political landscape in Michigan. (credit: Alexis Tesner/CBS 62)

It’s how he won in November, including the state of Michigan which has not voted Republican in the presidential election since 1988.

Both offered thoughts on what’s ahead for our nation with Trump as our commander in chief.

Also appearing on the show are Michigan Democratic Party Chair Brandon Dillon and Lena Epstein, co-chair of the Trump in Michigan campaign.

Carol Cain with Steve Tobocman, Co-Director of the MSU MPLP program, at Laurel Manor for the annual fundraising dinner. (credit: Milan Stevanovich)

They talked about prospects in the upcoming race for governor in 2018 with Rick Snyder being term limited. And they offered up  thoughts on Sen. Debbie Stabenow’s race. She also is up for re-election next year.

You can hear the conversation 11:30 Sunday on CBS 62.

  1. The hostess of Michigan Matters – please get a real Republican to represent our party. Ana Navarro is a RINO. She talked about herself on your show (with Dean) and did not represent the Republican party. Can you find someone else for a change next time? They don’t have to love everything President Trump does, but they should at least be representative of real Republicans. I’ve heard Ms. Navarro several times and it is always the same.
    As for not getting much done yet, please. Of course, the Dems will say negative things. The budget will be out tomorrow and then work begins on this administrations budget which may be finished in the summer. We are big supporters of President Trump, his policies and his USA First plan. Cara and William McAlister, Bloomfield Twp, MI

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