LANSING (WWJ) – Starting your car during a cold winter morning and leaving it unattended could get you a ticket in Michigan — but that could soon change.

When, early this year, a Roseville man got cited after warming up his car in his driveway his complaint over the $128 ticket went viral on Facebook, drawing thousands of shares, angry comments, debate — and the attention of state lawmakers.

WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick says a bill (HB 4215) sponsored by State Rep. Holly Hughes that would allow running vehicles to be left unattended on private property is expected to come to a vote this week in the House Transportation Committee.

Hughes calls it “common sense” legislation.

“Warm-ups are a normal thing, Ms. Hughes says,” Skubick reported. “And parking the car in your driveway, starting the car and going inside, she says, should not be subject to citations.”

While police have cited car theft as public safety concern, Hughes says whether drivers want to risk their vehicles being stolen is up to them to decide.

The bill is co-sponsored Tim Sneller, John Reilly, Peter Lucido, Tim Kelly, Shane Hernandez, Tom Barrett, Eric Leutheuser, Gary Howell, Gary Glenn and Steve Marino.

[Follow the status of this legislation on this Michigan legislature’s website at this link.]


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