DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit police say two young children who were reported missing on the city’s west side have been found safe with relatives.

Police say 3-year-old Zammar Cox and 1-year-old Marcia Cox were reported missing Thursday night. Their parents told police the children were last seen Tuesday at their home in the 900 block of Whitmore, in a neighborhood near Woodward Avenue and McNichols Road.

Detroit Police Commander Marlon Wilson, who works with the major crimes unit, said the children were located Friday morning shortly after news of their disappearance spread across the area.

“The kids appear to have been given to family member,” said Wilson. “Thanks to a tip from a community member, we were able to get the location of the kids. The individuals who had the kids immediately contacted us and set up arrangements to get the kids.”

The children were unharmed, but Wilson said they were being taken to the hospital just to be checked out.

There seems to be a discrepancy as to who reported the children missing. Sgt. Michael Woody said the mother visited a police station in person, saying she last saw the kids Tuesday afternoon after allowing them to go visit with their father, who never brought them back. Wilson, however, said it was the father who reported the children missing.

“The information about the missing came from the dad, not the mom,” he said. “The father just was alarmed because he didn’t know the whereabouts of the kids, that’s all.” And when asked, the mother wouldn’t offer up any information, he said.

Woody said the 48-hour gap between the time the children were last seen and when they were reported missing is concerning, but it isn’t their focus. He also indicated the mother and father live in a shared apartment unit, but Wilson said the two are no longer romantic.

“They are separated. They’re not in a dating relationship, but they do have kids in common,” said Wilson. “As far as if they have any ongoing disputes, it’s unclear at this time. ”

In announcing the children’s disappearance, police originally said there was concern about the mother’s mental state.

“I cannot get into their mental state,” said Woody. “I will tell you this, it’s a very emotional situation for both the parents. There has been some emotions running high during this whole time.”

The FBI is involved in the investigation. Police say they have had no previous calls to the family’s home.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 855-642-4847.


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