(WWJ) If you’re looking for one more reason to gripe while stuck in traffic, listen to this: AAA Michigan projects that gas prices will hit $2.70 a gallon this summer.

Why? It’s a one-two punch of annual summer blend gas — more expensive but burns cleaner — and an expected production cut by OPEC members.

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And apparently you’ll take the news differently depending on your demographic. AAA’s Susan Hiltz  says younger drivers — those under age 35 — are more tolerant of higher gas prices than their ‘more experienced’ commuting counterparts.

But it hits everyone. Hiltz says 70 percent of consumers plan to adjust their weekly driving habits to save gas.

That doesn’t necessarily mean families will be canceling summer vacations, though.

“Most people are not going to scrap the summer vacation plans,” Hiltz said. “I mean the good news too is a lot of folks stay in Michigan so if you’re doing a driving trip in Michigan it’s not going to hurt your family budget as much as flying, which might be a higher cost.”

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That means it could be a boon to pure Michigan travel.




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